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This is why STEPS Home in India exists. To save baby girls from things such as this….

From the Hindustan Times
Bangalore, August 21, 2012

A 22-day-old baby girl was killed by her father who did not want a girl child. He allegedly fed her donkey’s milk mixed with poison at his in-laws home in the city outskirts. The incident took place in Adi Hosahalli village, near Nelamangala in Bangalore rural district, which is 40 km away from in Bangalore.

The accused has been identified as Nandeesh Gowda, 23, a native of Shira Gate in Tumkur district. He works as a mechanic in Aditya Motors in Tumkur and he was married to Savitha Gowda last year October and the baby was born on July 28.

According to the police, the incident took place around 9.30 am on Sunday when he came alone to see his family with the milk and a traditional cup.

He convinced his wife that it was donkey’s milk, which is supposed to be good. Believing her husband, Savitha fed a little quantity of the milk to the baby.

Nandish, however, forced Savitha to drink the rest of the milk and when she refused to drink, he slapped her and fled the scene. 

After a while, Savitha noticed froth from the baby’s mouth and she immediately rushed to the Thyamagondlu Government hospital and the baby was later shifted to a private hospital, where she succumbed on Sunday afternoon, the police said.

Savitha, in her police complaint stated that her husband was not happy when he saw the baby girl. He had come with his mother Parvatamma to Dobbspet government hospital where the baby was born.

Since then, he did not come to see the baby and was not responding her phone calls as well.

“On Sunday morning he came with a traditional cup and convinced me to feed the donkey’s milk to the baby and forced me to drink the same. But when I refused, he was rude and slapped me before leaving the house. Within 10 minutes I was shocked after noticing forth from baby’s mouth and hiccups. I checked the milk and realized from the smell that it was poisoned. Then I immediately shifted the baby to nearby hospital,” she stated in the complaint.

She further claimed that “Nandish, after visiting a local astrologer in Tumkur had discussed with her a couple of times that the baby was born at a bad time, which would affect his life and that he would die in two months. So the astrologer had advised him that he would be safe if his daughter died within two months, which could be one of the possible reasons for the baby’s murder,” she alleged.

The Thyamagondlu police, who registered a murder case have arrested Nandish in this connection and they are interrogating him to ascertain the actual reason for the murder. The police said that the milk had been sent for test to ascertain if it had been contaminated.


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