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October 2012 Ministry Update

Happy Friday Eve!

I saw on Facebook this morning that my friends in northwest Iowa got snow this morning! While here in TN, I am enjoying 70-something degree weather. Have I mentioned that I love the South??

But more than just living in the South, I love the people that God has put around me here. I have incredibly sweet friends that I get to journey through life with. We get to rejoice with each other during the good times, cry with each other during the tough times, and lift each other up to the Lord during all times. We are in this life together. And our recent small group retreat only created a deeper bond with each other. And we need that – all of us. We all need people to come along side of us, especially during the storms of life.

Speaking of storms… it is monsoon season in India. Check out my update below to see a picture of the STEPS Girls in their rain coats.  (more…)

Fix Our Eyes – October 23 Devos

(Here are the devos for our small group this week.)

Hola mis amigas!

I hope you all had a good, restful weekend!

Have you been practicing the Meeting Place this week? What has He been saying to you? I would suggest that you keep a journal and write down the things that the Lord says to you. It can often be very encouraging to go back and re-read the things the Lord has spoken to you and over you. Especially when you find yourself in the midst of the battle or the storm.

I know many of us are walking through places of difficulty or battles right now. Some days we feel like we have a big target on our backs.  (more…)

Monsoon Season

Monsoon season has begun in Chennai, India. Today was the first day in five that it didn’t rain.

Chennai has two monsoon seasons – one in the winter and one in the spring. This monsoon season is just getting started. In October, they get an average of 10 inches of rain, and in November, they get an average of 16 inches of rain each year.

So to stay dry, the girls of STEPS are gearing up for this rainy season.  (more…)

The Holy Exchange

At our small group retreat this past weekend, we had a time of surrendering things to the Lord. We all wrote those things out on paper, then put our papers in the fire to burn, to signify fully giving those things over, because we could never take them back.

The amazing thing is that Jesus makes beauty from ashes. As those things burned, Jesus told me to say this over the girls….  (more…)

October 9 Devos – Freedom & Victory‏

Here is the most recent devotional that I sent out to the girls of my small group….

Hello beloved daughters of the King!

(We will be discussing this devotional further at our Retreat. So please come ready to discuss!)

Last week I shared a brief thought about stepping out of fear and into victory and freedom, and I think the Lord wants us to dwell on that some more.

I have had to step out of many places of fear in my own life, and He’s been helping me step out of another one recently. One of the biggest places of fear that the enemy held me in for a long time was the fear of rejection. I had very few friends growing up – for some reason I was the one that the rest of my classmates decided to exclude. I strived for my father’s attention, but felt ignored. In college I also felt isolated at times. Naturally, I began to fear that I would be rejected by everyone, even God. So Jesus had to help me work through a lot of rejection to come to a place of victory. I had to work through forgiveness and learn that I have value in Christ. And now I have joy in the victory of laying those things down!  (more…)

Baby Girl Poisoned by Father in Bangalore, Dies

This is why STEPS Home in India exists. To save baby girls from things such as this….

From the Hindustan Times
Bangalore, August 21, 2012

A 22-day-old baby girl was killed by her father who did not want a girl child. He allegedly fed her donkey’s milk mixed with poison at his in-laws home in the city outskirts. The incident took place in Adi Hosahalli village, near Nelamangala in Bangalore rural district, which is 40 km away from in Bangalore.

The accused has been identified as Nandeesh Gowda, 23, a native of Shira Gate in Tumkur district. He works as a mechanic in Aditya Motors in Tumkur and he was married to Savitha Gowda last year October and the baby was born on July 28.

According to the police, the incident took place around 9.30 am on Sunday when he came alone to see his family with the milk and a traditional cup.

He convinced his wife that it was donkey’s milk, which is supposed to be good. Believing her husband, Savitha fed a little quantity of the milk to the baby.

Nandish, however, forced Savitha to drink the rest of the milk and when she refused to drink, he slapped her and fled the scene.  (more…)

How To Survive Really Long Flights

I’ve flown quite a bit… most recently to India and Israel. Those are no short trips, either! Flying to India (from Tennessee) usually involves 4 airports, 3 flights, 10.5 time zones, and just under 30 hours of travel time from start to finish. Those trips make me really appreciate in-country flights!

From the traveling I’ve done, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks that help out on those overseas flights. Obviously, you will probably end up talking to someone sitting near you for a while, but you can only talk for so much of an 8+ hour flight. So here is what I do to keep my sanity on those lengthy flights:

1. Happy Snacks. Never underestimate the power of a little snack on a long trip. Sure, they feed you some on the planes, but the food doesn’t always smell good (or taste good!), or you’re stuck in an airport for 5 hours… or let’s face it, you can feel your blood sugar dropping and your mood right along with it. I find if I am starting to feel crabby for no reason whatsoever, a Happy Snack fixes that quickly. This is also great when you are in a foreign country and just need something familiar in your tummy. Some of my favorite things to take in my Happy Snack stash include:

  • Fruit Leathers
  • Trail Mix
  • Granola Bars
  • Licorice or some other type of candy

(Hint: Target has some really great fruit leathers and trail mix – lots of great flavors and variety. That’s where I go to get mine… like this bag of trail mix.)  (more…)

Baby girl’s killing reveals India’s crisis of gender bias

I read this article this morning in The National. I’m not sure that it “reveals” the bias though because articles have been published on similar stories for some time now. However, the awareness of what is going on in India has been slow to get out to the rest of the world.

NEW DELHI // A three-month-old baby girl who police say was battered by her father because he wanted a son died yesterday, highlighting the plight of millions of India’s “unwanted girls”.

Neha Afreen died from cardiac arrest at a state-run hospital in Bangalore after battling for life for three days.  (more…)

Thankful Thursdays


This week, I am thankful for…

1. Time with family. Two weekends I got to go home and spend time with mine. The highlight of the weekend – horseback riding!  What a great day!


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