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STEPS Girls Singing in Church

This past weekend, the girls of STEPS sang in their church. The youngest are not singing, but you will see fifteen of them here in their matching dresses. Aren’t they just too precious?

And I love they song they sing about Jesus redeeming them, because He truly has redeemed these girls from a life of no hope. Because of STEPS they have hope of a better life. They are safe, secure, and loved. They are truly blessed little girls!

Psalm 8:2 – From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise!

Great job girls!


Translation for the Tamil Song
Appa, Pithavay

Father, Loving Lord,
Our Beloved Redeemer,
O Holy Spirit.

I was living homeless, with no address, I was wandering about aimlessly
My loving Lord, You came searching for me.

You drew me close to Yourself (You hugged me)
You kissed me & You transformed Yourself and became my shadow.

I Praise you, I Praise You, Lord.

When I was in poverty,
When I had no help coming my way — Pushing my way forward
You thought of me.

You shed your blood on the cross for me,
You held my hand and You lead me this far.

I Praise You, I Praise You, Lord.


Comments on: "STEPS Girls Singing in Church" (2)

  1. lovely song!!and the pink angels singing it so well…their singing adds meaning to the song!!thank you for the post..

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