Musings from a promise-collector

The following is excerpts from my journal from my most recent trip to see the girls of STEPS Home in India. 

August 4 –

The girls had school today (Saturday), but we got a little hang-time with Vanija and Angel this morning!


We played “spot the chameleon on the post”. Can you see him? 

Isaac had Bible study this morning at the office, so Theresa and I went with him to get a few more thing done on our projects. We managed to get quite a bit done before lunch.

We went to a new Mongolian place for lunch that Isaac had heard of. However, the food came out only one dish at a time (we were sharing family-style). But the rice had eggshells in it. Then some noodles came out. Then some chicken came out… two drumsticks at time. And there were six of us eating. When I started to cut into mine, I found quite a bit of blood in the center of it. So… yeah. Ew. We all left hoping this meal wasn’t going to make us sick.

The one redeeming factor of the restaurant is that the exterior walls were Tennessee colors. Go Vols!

After lunch we finished the projects we were working on, then just hung out until Tara came. Tara and her friend took Theresa and I out for a quick shopping trip. We got some material for Theresa to have some chulas made. I picked up a couple of petticoats for my sari and the one Mike bought for his daughter-in-law. Then we ran over to the tailor’s to have her chulas made and pick up my sari.

On our way home, we got talking about the differences between how Indians and Americans date. I got to tell Tara of how our group of friends has a different view on dating – we are waiting on God to bring our husbands to us. We feel like it’s what’s He’s called us to do, to wait on Him to provide. They both agreed that they liked our way of going about it. Tara’s friend told me how encouraged she was hearing about our commitment to wait.

After dinner, Ben and Rohan took us back to the tailor to pick up Theresa’s chulas. We also stopped at a pharmacist for medicine for the girls and ice cream at place similar to Marble Slab.

Eventually we made it back home. Our last night here. Really? Can it be over already?? Jesus, how can it have gone so fast?

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