Musings from a promise-collector

The following is excerpts from my journal from my most recent trip to see the girls of STEPS Home in India. 

August 3 –

Mike left for Bangalore early in the morning to help with the basketball camps. Theresa and I spent time at STEPS with Isaac, Tara, and Dr. Nisha. They had a meeting with the STEPS staff, and we (along with Ben and Rohan) hung out with little Angel. She was the only girl who hadn’t met little Buster, so we introduced her to the cute little guy.

She thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet Buster!

After their meeting, Isaac told us of his new small group Bible study he would be taking us to that night. He, Tara, and another couple were the leaders of a new 20-something group from church. He told me that they were going to be starting their study of Romans, but since he hadn’t had time to prepare, he was going to “Indian Outsource” the introduction of the book of Romans to me! Oh dear! Good thing the Lord has had me reading through Romans while I’ve been here!

Later that morning we headed to the office. We stopped at Sarin’s apartment to pick him up (since he had been out of town until recently). I got to ride the rest of the way to the office on his motorcycle… side-saddle, like an Indian woman would. To make it even more authentic, I was even in my sari!

Sarin had been emailing me before we left for India, asking what gifts we were going to bring him… so Theresa and I got the most American-Tennessee gifts we could find.

Sarin was then kind enough to drive Theresa and I to our lunch meeting with Ashok and Sheila – he even wore his new TN hat while he drove; we called it his chauffeur hat. Lunch was very nice – we enjoyed getting to know this sweet coupe more, hearing about their ministry and their time in the States.

After lunch I began frantically praying about what the Lord would have me share at Bible study. I decided that I would share what the Lord had been showing me in Romans with the group. I spent the afternoon praying and writing down some notes of what I was to share. When we headed to Bible study, we dropped off my new sari to be tailored.

We arrived at Glen and Sarah’s apartment where 5 others joined us. I shared a little about myself and some of my story first. Then I shared some highlights that God has been showing me as I’ve read through Romans. We talked about the verses that show us about our identity in Christ and the promises that God has given us. We spent some time sharing some of our favorite verses (from anywhere in the Bible) of the promises that we cling to when we are going through rough times. I shared some of my favorite promises from God, including his promise from John 10.

At first that passage doesn’t look like a promise, but it is. Jesus says that his sheep hear his voice… that’s a promise that we will and do hear his voice. And we can learn to pray for people by listening to him first, then praying what we hear. I told them about how the Lord has been teaching me about Listening Prayer, and how much I’ve been growing in that gift. I shared a little about how Listening Prayer works – how we listen for the Lord to give us encouraging thing that He wants to say to his children.

After I got done sharing, Isaac asked Theresa to share her story again, and she did a great job telling the group about how God has been working in her life!

When we were done, everyone mingled around, and it was fun to get to know some of them a little bit. While I had been sharing, I could just see God all over one of the guys, Paul. So I pulled him aside for a minute and told him that. He then asked us to tell him more about Listening Prayer, so Theresa and I share more about it. In the midst of sharing, I looked at Theresa and asked, “Shall we?” “Yep.” “Paul, would you like us to do Listening Prayer for you?” “Yes!”

Most of the group had gathered around to hear more, so I explained to the group what we would be doing and told them all to be listening for God’s voice. It was a great time of encouragement for our brother Paul! I told them about Brad Jersak’s book “Can You Hear Me?” and told them how to find his teachings on our church’s website.

On our way home from Bible study we stopped at Don Pepe’s for Mexican food. We got a chance to debrief about the day… and what a good day it was. Especially since Theresa and I had been a little sad that Listen Up was starting that day at Two Rivers, but we were missing it because of our trip. So we were thrilled that the Lord let us teach about and demonstrate Listening Prayer that day.

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