Musings from a promise-collector

The following is excerpts from my journal from my most recent trip to see the girls of STEPS Home in India. 

August 1 –

We woke up this morning to very little water pressure… it made showering interesting, to say the least.

At this morning’s meeting, Isaac had Theresa and I both share our stories with his staff. When we got done sharing, Isaac said, “They (meaning all three of us) come from America, the land of milk and honey, but they have struggles and pain too… God is writing all of our stories to make us look more like himself.”

Isaac then showed us and his staff a movie in Tamil that was just released. It tells the story of a family and how the patriarch of the family uses the Vedas (the Hindu scriptures) to tell Hindus about Jesus. Even though we didn’t understand most of what was being said (a few things here and there were in English), it was still a powerful story. It was very interesting. 

We worked on some more things in the office until the girls showed up after school. We played with them until they left to go home to work on homework. We headed home soon after so Mike and Theresa could do some more assessments of the girls. I helped with homework and played with them until dinner time.

After dinner we were all so bushed that we went to our rooms to get comfy. Rohan came armed with a big can of Raid to spray in our bathroom. He sprayed throughout our bathroom, and of course another huge roach came running out, but shortly died. Later I went into the bathroom (once it aired out a bit from the spray) and there was another roach, on it’s back… wiggling. Rohan to the rescue again!

Still very little water pressure in the shower, so we let Vanija know. She said there was something she could do about it. So we crashed on the couch for a little bit and watched the Olympics coverage. So we watched some badminton, shooting, and table tennis… guessing we probably won’t be seeing much in the way of swimming or gymnastics.


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