Musings from a promise-collector

The following is excerpts from my journal from my most recent trip to see the girls of STEPS Home in India. 

July 29 –

Church starts at 8:30 and is over a half hour away, so we had to be up early today! Emmanuel Methodist Church had a guest preacher – he was very good and engaging. Normally church lasts two hours, but after the service today, they did a special time of thanking the retiring secretary and welcoming the newest addition to the pastoring staff, which took another hour. But Isaac took us out before it was through, because we had to get back to the house to celebrate Sitara’s 16th birthday!

On our way home, we picked up four of Sitara’s friends. Isaac and Tara had the party catered and, much to (Kansas team’s) Gail’s delight they bought chips! And it was the biggest bag of chips any of us had ever seen!

This was an important day not only for Sitara, but for her parents as well. Sitara is the oldest of their two children who are both adopted. Sitara’s presence in their lives is what sparked the passion to rescue more baby girls in India. She is the whole reason that STEPS Home exists.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with fun, laughter, eating, and singing.

Sitara (on the right) with her friends.


Sitara and her friend singing “Lovely Lord.”

After the girls had a nap they showed up in time for cake.

The girls singing Happy Birthday to Sitara.

Sitara feeding her family cake first.

I got to spend some of the afternoon getting to know the girls’ pediatrician, Dr. Nisha. The girls are definitely in good hands, I can tell that see loves these girls very much.

After the party ended, we just hung out until the other team from Kansas left that night. It was rather sad to see them go. However, Ben will be staying until December, so we’ll have him to hang out with for the rest of our trip.


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