Musings from a promise-collector

The following is excerpts from my journal from my most recent trip to see the girls of STEPS Home in India. 

July 26 –

We got up this morning and had time to play with girls since they didn’t have school today. Then mid-morning, Isaac took a few of us to the office send an email to our families, and to exchange our dollars to rupees.

(Photo Source

Then we joined up with the others to head to St. Thomas’ Mount. It is a mountain in the middle of the city of Chennai.

Tradition says that the apostle Thomas was praying up on the mount when a mob found him and stoned him. A monument and a Catholic church have been built there. From the top of the hill, there was a fabulous view of the city from every angle; I can see why Thomas would have been up there praying.

After our visit up to the Mount, it was time for lunch – Isaac had KFC waiting for us back at the office. Then we headed over to Cane and Bamboo for some shopping before heading back to the Home.

The girls were waiting for us when we got there. I had so much fun getting to spend a few hours with them. They were right with me the whole time. I can’t even put to words how great it was to spend time with them again. To hear their little stories and giggle with them, to play with them and hug them. They are such a joy to me.

Eventually it was time for dinner, so we headed back to the other house, and an early bedtime since we were still adjusting to the time change.

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