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Today is the Day!

Today is the day I leave to go back to India. It’s really here! I am so excited to be sharing this with my sweet friend Theresa and an old friend, Mike.

I can’t wait to wrap my arms around those girls and just squeeze them! I’ve missed them so, and they are growing up so fast. And I can’t wait to see what God has in store for our little team while we’re there. I have a good feeling of anticipation in my stomach as the last few hours tick down.  (more…)

Tote for India

I bought this cute purse back when I visited Turkey. However, as much as I’ve used it, it’s starting to fall apart.

So for my trip back to India, I decided I needed to make a tote to carry around with me. And since purple and yellow pansies are kind of my thing, I found a fabric that had that type of pattern.  (more…)

Thankful Thursday


Oh my goodness… my week has been so busy with preparations for India, that I almost forgot it is Thursday! Well, for another 30 minutes anyway!

This week I am thankful for:

1. The way that God has worked out all of the details for me and my little team to go to India. He has totally been in every part of it, paving the way for us. It has been awesome to watch! And many of the details he worked out through my sweet friends, family, and church family. What blessings in my life!  (more…)

July 2012 Ministry Update

Happy July!

I hope you had a safe and happy Fourth of July. I spent my holiday in New Orleans (Nola), which was an awesome week of ministry to youth and leaders.

And now I’m looking forward to leaving for India in four days! Oh my goodness – is it really almost time? I can’t wait to wrap my arms around those little ones again! If you would like to help me with the last few details of the trip, there is still time. You can sign up to pray or give online:

Below you will find the details of my trip to Nola, as well as how you can be praying for me and supporting me as I journey to India.  (more…)

Thankful Thursdays

I realized that I haven’t posted a Thankful Thursday in a few weeks. But with unexpected and expected travel lately, I didn’t have much access to a computer.  So here’s the most recent edition!

This week I am thankful…

1. That God comforts us in times of sorrow. The Bible is full of examples of God comforting His people, and 2 Corinthians 1:3 calls God “the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort.”  I was especially thankful for this at the death of my uncle two weeks ago.

2.  For new experiences. I got to travel to New Orleans last week to be on a prayer team for a youth event, and it was an awesome week! The conference was amazing, God showed up, I worshiped with 5,400 people, the city was interesting, and the food was delish! (Two words: alligator and beignets! Yum!)

3. That when we pray and ask God to show up… He does! He showed up in so many ways last week at the conference. It was so encouraging to see everyone responding to His love as He met us where we were.

Less Than Two Weeks Until India… Can You Help?

Happy Wednesday! 

In less than two weeks, myself and two others (Theresa and Mike) will be heading to India. We will be traveling from July 23 until August 7. I can’t wait to see my precious girls again!

I’m still in need of some funding for the trip. I was further ahead in that area until I had to make an unexpected trip home to Illinois for my uncle’s funeral. Can you help?? Here is what I still need:

  • 4 gifts of $200
  • 3 gifts of $100
  • children’s multivitamins (more…)

The “I Hear Colors” Cinnamon Rolls

When was the last time you had homemade cinnamon rolls?


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