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Lengthening My Skirt

Before I left for my first trip to India in December, a very sweet friend from church gave me a beautiful skirt (I was in need of a few long skirts to wear while I was there). I absolutely loved having it with me because it was lightweight and breezy. Here, I’ll show you…

I love that I can wear it with so many different shirts because it is so colorful. There is only one minor problem… I’m 5’10, and it was not made with a tall person in mind. Well, that may not be entirely true. It is a long skirt… it goes almost down to my ankles. And while it probably wasn’t an issue, I felt a little self-conscious while in India that it wasn’t covering my ankles. So before I head back over there in a month, I decided that I would lengthen it so that I would be comfortable. 

Purple has become my color, and I love the tone of the purple in the skirt. And in my wonderful box’o’fabric, I found enough purple material to add a strip to the bottom of the skirt. This was nothing short of a miracle because it turns out I needed over 14 feet of fabric to make it all the way around the skirt!

I started by cutting the purple material down so it was all the same length, then sewed it into one very long strip.

The way the skirt was made, as you can see, it has different bands of fabric circling around it. Each band is sewn on it a way that the bottom of the band above the next one is sewn on top, so each seam kind of ‘frills’ out a little. I think it adds a nice little detail to the skirt, and makes it a little more fun. So with that in mind, I sewed my purple band to attach at the bottom of the last band, just under it.

Once it was on, I closed up the side seam. I then ironed down the hem for the bottom of the skirt. I would have preferred to surge the edge like the other layers were finished, but alas, I do not own a surger, so I had to go with a more traditional hem.

It takes a very long time to press the hem of an over 14-foot wide skirt! But that made sewing the hem so much easier than “winging it” would have been. In fact, it almost sewed itself, I barely had to guide it through.

And after a few hours’ work, this is the finished product!


Comments on: "Lengthening My Skirt" (3)

  1. You are so creative!! what a great and beautiful way to make the skirt perfect!!

  2. Maybe you will have a “makeover” shop someday !!

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