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The creators of Gilmore Girls have come out with a brand new show called Bunheads. What’s a bunhead, you ask? Simply, a bunhead is a ballerina.

The story follows the character of Michelle (Sutton Foster), who is a great dancer but somehow found herself working in Las Vegas. She ends up marrying a man who takes her to his house in Paradise, a quirky little town with characters who may end up being much like the townsfolk of Stars Hallow. Her mother-in-law, Fanny, is played by Kelly Bishop (Emily from Gilmore Girls) and whose character is a dance instructor.  This is where Michelle meets four of Fanny’s students. 

The pilot of the show aired on Monday, June 11, and I have high hopes for the rest of the season. The dialogue is just as snappy and fast as Gilmore Girls was. There are already so many quotes that can be taken from just the first episode.

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The show totally reminds me of living in Iowa with my roommate Michelle. She and I loved watching Gilmore Girls together and would sometimes find ourselves talking much like the characters, in a fast and snappy kind of way. I wish I lived close enough to watch this show with her, too!

If you would like to watch the first episode, you can find it on ABC Family or on Hulu. If you sign up for Hulu (it’s free!), you can get email alerts when a new episode is added to your queue. That way, you’ll never miss a show!


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