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You may remember that almost three months ago, I decided to give up my daily afternoon Mountain Dew. I do allow myself to have the occasional Dew yet, but mostly I’ve found that when given the opportunity, I don’t really crave it anymore. I have replaced it with water, mostly unsweet tea with just a hint of sweetea, or lemonade (which I know has a ton of sugar, so I drink it sparingly).

All the studies out there show that when you cut pop (or soda or cola or coke, depending on where you’re from) out of your diet, you are cutting many unneeded calories and therefore usually lose a few pounds or so. So… apparently my body hasn’t gotten that memo. I can count the Dews I’ve consumed in the last three months on one hand, but my scale is not telling me what I was hoping to see. Not even a pound! I think I need to take my scale aside and have a good, long talk with it.

But it makes me wonder: where am I going wrong? I haven’t replaced the empty calories with other empty calories. My diet hasn’t changed in any other ways. And I have been working out (well, I was doing well, then it was sporadically… but I’m back at it again as of this week). If I don’t see a change soon, I may find myself incredibly frustrated. And nobody wants that. I’m not pleasant when I’m frustrated – I don’t even like being around me then! Kind of like Eustace in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader couldn’t stand being around himself when he was a dragon. And I don’t want to turn into a dragon… I don’t really want the ability to breathe fire. It’s only helpful for roasting marshmallows, and that would just add to my current dilemma. Then I’d be a frustrated chubby dragon. And that’s just bad news for everyone involved.

Does anyone have any advice that can keep me from turning into a dragon?

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Comments on: "Shouldn’t Quitting Cola Cut Calories and Chubbiness Instead of Creating a Dragon?" (2)

  1. Becky Bierma said:

    Well, I don’t know if this will be helpful or just frustrating, but I went through just what you’re going through for many years! Many years! A few months ago, I was sick of it… sick of the extra weight, sick of feeling more tired than I should, sick of feeling not as healthy as I should. So, I made a decision to make a drastic change! But before I could do it I knew I needed God’s help! I felt like He was leading me to fast for a time. And so I did just that… I fast from all food (only drank water and 100% fruit juice) for 40 hours. It was not easy, I won’t lie, but it was good for me in 3 ways: (1) it drew me closer to God, (2) it helped me change my perspective about food, and (3) it actually had an unexpected consequence of jump-starting my weight loss!

    After the 40 hours I slowly eased back into eating. And you know what, I wasn’t as hungry anymore! So, I started becoming very aware of my portion sizes (I knew that portion control was a big part of my problem) and I cut out most snacks. I stopped eating at the first moment I started to feel full (eating and eating even after I was already full had become a terrible habit).

    And soon I began running! Slowly at first… I went through the Couch to 5K program and did it at my own pace. I would repeat a week of training until I thought I was ready to move on to the next week. I started that back in November & have been running ever since! I’m currently in the middle of a challenge to run at least a mile every day for 38 days! Now, running isn’t for everyone, but if you find an exercise you love (from walking to running to zumba to yoga) you will keep doing it, even on the days when you don’t feel like doing it!

    I have lost around 25 pounds! But better than that, I’ve never felt so good, so healthy or so energetic in my life!! You can do it, Nicole!!! Eliminating pop is a great first step! Now you need to think about what your second step will be! 🙂 Love you!!!


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