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Memorizing James

I love Beth Moore’s Bible studies. She has been gifted with an amazing way to communicate Truth to women. In the spring, I went through her new study on the book of James with some ladies from my church. It was a great time of learning and challenging, as James did not mince words… he told it like it was!

The other exciting thing about this study was that Beth Moore has created five different levels of participation. One of levels was, on top of the homework, to memorize the book of James by the end of the year. So a few of us decided we wanted to do this. Just before we started the study, I bought an ESV Bible so I thought it would be challenging to try to memorize this book in a different translation that I am used to hearing it in (since I grew up with NIV). I have found it to be more difficult than I thought though.

It is now June and I am just finally finishing up the first chapter out of the five that compose James. I’m wondering if I need to switch back to the NIV for memorizing since I am already familiar with many verses in that version.

Or, do I stick it out and keep memorizing in ESV?

Or do I just need a good kick in the bum to keep going and memorize faster?

Does anyone have an memorizing tips that might help?

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