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My Little Buddy, Ava

I went home to IL a few weeks ago to visit my family and friends. While there, I also go to see my mom’s day care kids. The older ones remembered me, but a couple of the younger ones were too little last time they saw me. One of the little guys, Noah, couldn’t talk last time I saw him… but now he has a huge vocabulary! And he was so funny because instead of calling me “Cole” like all of the other kids do, he called me “Cola”. Too cute!

The littlest girl that my mom has right now is Ava. She is usually quite shy around new people, but the first morning that Ava met me, she crawled right over to greet me. The rest of the week I had a little crawling shadow behind me. She found ways to break into the kitchen when she wasn’t supposed to, just to follow me. She would reach for me when she wanted to be held. Ava is just as cute as a button… how could I say no to that face??


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  1. AND she’s still breaking into the kitchen, WITH a smile, if I don’t add the second chair!!

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