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India 2012 Wish List

Happy Tuesday!

In less than a month, I leave for India to see my precious girls! Thank you so much to those of you who have already given to help me get there, towards items for the girls, or given items for me to take with me. You are sewing into the Kingdom by helping to bless these valuable little lives. Just look at their joyful little faces in the picture – they have joy because they are loved, safe, and secure both physically and in Christ!

As I prepare to go, there are still many things that I need from Isaac and Tara’s Wish List. See below for the full list.

From the list of items, some of the most important that I still need are:

  • 16 Small Backpacks
  • Clothes for the 7- and 8-year-old (they are both tall and skinny)
  • 14 Children’s Bibles (think light-weight)
  • White socks
  • Children’s Multivitamins
  • Small Water Bottles


Lengthening My Skirt

Before I left for my first trip to India in December, a very sweet friend from church gave me a beautiful skirt (I was in need of a few long skirts to wear while I was there). I absolutely loved having it with me because it was lightweight and breezy. Here, I’ll show you…

I love that I can wear it with so many different shirts because it is so colorful. There is only one minor problem… I’m 5’10, and it was not made with a tall person in mind. Well, that may not be entirely true. It is a long skirt… it goes almost down to my ankles. And while it probably wasn’t an issue, I felt a little self-conscious while in India that it wasn’t covering my ankles. So before I head back over there in a month, I decided that I would lengthen it so that I would be comfortable.  (more…)

Thankful Thursdays

It’s that time of the week again! Today I am thankful for…

1. New friends. I love the Forero family from Panama – we got to spend 18 days with them. It was sad to see them go, but I look forward to our next meeting!

2. Some things cross language barriers. The littlest Forero didn’t speak English, but I enjoyed playing with him anyway. I suppose “chase” is a pretty universal game! And by the end of their visit, he could finally say my name… which meant he wanted me to chase him.

3. Brushing up on my Spanish. Being around native Spanish speakers always gives me a little boost to remember the Spanish I learned way back in high school.

June 2012 Ministry Update

I love summer around here because of everything that happens. We even have an unexpected trip planned to New Orleans now! I’m excited about the ministry we get to do there, with youth and another local ministry that is there. I’ve never been to New Orleans, so this will be a new experience for me! I am looking forward to trying a famed beignet, too.

India is only a month out! I have a little team going with me, and I am excited about them experiencing India. If you would like to give towards the trip, the girls, or pray for us you can sign up here:  (more…)

Dolphin Falls Under Attack by ‘Naughty Octopus’

I discovered this amusing article this morning and just had to share it. I enjoy how smart and mischievous octopus are.

This article was taken from here.

For the dolphin it seems to have been a painful lesson learned, and for the octopus, a joy ride it will not soon forget….

A scientist who studies dolphins off western Greece last week captured an incredible sequence of images — perhaps the first of their kind — showing a leaping bottlenose dolphin with a large octopus clinging to its belly.



The creators of Gilmore Girls have come out with a brand new show called Bunheads. What’s a bunhead, you ask? Simply, a bunhead is a ballerina.

The story follows the character of Michelle (Sutton Foster), who is a great dancer but somehow found herself working in Las Vegas. She ends up marrying a man who takes her to his house in Paradise, a quirky little town with characters who may end up being much like the townsfolk of Stars Hallow. Her mother-in-law, Fanny, is played by Kelly Bishop (Emily from Gilmore Girls) and whose character is a dance instructor.  This is where Michelle meets four of Fanny’s students.  (more…)

Shouldn’t Quitting Cola Cut Calories and Chubbiness Instead of Creating a Dragon?

You may remember that almost three months ago, I decided to give up my daily afternoon Mountain Dew. I do allow myself to have the occasional Dew yet, but mostly I’ve found that when given the opportunity, I don’t really crave it anymore. I have replaced it with water, mostly unsweet tea with just a hint of sweetea, or lemonade (which I know has a ton of sugar, so I drink it sparingly).

All the studies out there show that when you cut pop (or soda or cola or coke, depending on where you’re from) out of your diet, you are cutting many unneeded calories and therefore usually lose a few pounds or so. So… apparently my body hasn’t gotten that memo. (more…)

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