Musings from a promise-collector

Thankful Thursdays

This week, I am thankful for:

1. Pets. More specifically, my Maine Coon cat. He is 19 pounds and can reach up to grab the edge of the counter top with his paws. His name is Istanbul, but I call him Izzy for short. He is my little buddy and I miss him. He lives with my mom, but I hope to move him here to Knoxville with me someday. Izzy has a bit of a “Lassie” personality – he will alert me when something is wrong and lead me to the problem, which is really handy when your laundry room is flooding due to a backed-up drain! 

2. Journaling. I love to have a place to collect my thoughts and prayers. I like to especially write down what the Lord is doing in my life and what I sense him telling me. It is great to look back through it and see all of the answers to prayers and promises that the Lord has given me.

3.  Hot showers. I have been in many countries where hot water is not an option for a shower. What comes out of the shower head is usually ground water, so it is extra cold… ice cold. You’d think it would feel good after being out in the heat, but it’s not all that pleasant. So to keep from squealing from the shock of the cold, my traveling friends and I have sung at the top of our lungs, as well as invented the hokey-pokey shower dance. I feel so blessed to live in a place where I can get a hot (or even lukewarm) shower just by turning on the faucet. (Photo Source)


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