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This story is taken from: Child Tries to Kill Herself – Gospel for Asia.

Kanti was desperate. She and her family couldn’t escape the death, sickness, poverty and discrimination that had devastated their lives. In despair, Kanti tried to kill herself. She hadn’t even turned 9 years old yet.

Her story of despair had started years earlier. The child’s father died of alcohol-related liver failure when she was very young. As the family fell deeper into poverty, Kanti’s mother, Lona, began cleaning houses to earn money for herself and her son and daughter. But when she fell sick with tuberculosis, she couldn’t keep up the work. So, while all Kanti’s friends started school, the little girl was forced to wash dishes for a living.

Kanti did this until one of the people she worked for found out she was from a low caste. In a moment, thousands of years of discrimination destroyed what sense of value the little girl had for herself.

Because of the problems Kanti faced, including being deemed “untouchable” by society, she attempted suicide.

Discrimination Sends Child into Despair

Because of the problems Kanti faced, including being deemed “untouchable” by society, she attempted suicide.

Kanti was from a low caste and “untouchable” in the eyes of her society. Her employer said she wasn’t even worthy of washing his dishes, and he didn’t want her coming back. His outburst of anger and hateful insults sent the little child home crushed.

Understanding the rejection, her mother consoled her. Kanti didn’t go back to work for a little while, and she didn’t go back to that house ever again.

Kanti told her mother she wanted to study like all her friends. Her sick mother didn’t have money to pay for school, but she was determined to give her daughter what she requested. In an act of sacrificial love, Lona stopped taking her tuberculosis medication. With the money she saved, she bought Kanti books, a small chalkboard and dresses, and then she enrolled her daughter in school.

An education, however, wasn’t the answer to Kanti’s problems.

Day after day, Lona’s condition became worse without the medication she needed. As young as Kanti was, she began going to the local temple for help from her deities. She didn’t get an answer there, either.

All Kanti had experienced forced her into an adult-like awareness of the evil in the world, and she made a decision few children ever think of.

After losing her father, falling into desperate poverty, seeing her mother suffer helplessly, being rejected by those she worked for, and hearing she was worthless, Kanti, not yet 9 years old, decided to commit suicide.

The Lord intervened and stopped Kanti from killing herself. Shortly after, the Lord began transforming her through Bridge of Hope.

Young Girl Decides to Commit Suicide

Just as she began her attempt to take her own life, however, the Lord intervened. Kanti’s neighbors, knowing the family’s

The Lord intervened and stopped Kanti from killing herself. Shortly after, the Lord began transforming her through Bridge of Hope.

difficult situation, came to their house to comfort them. Their visit disrupted the little girl’s plans, and because of the care they showed, Kanti lived.

Shortly after, staff from a nearby Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center learned about the family’s hardships, and they paid Kanti and her mother a visit.After listening to the family’s heart-breaking story, the staff encouraged them and enrolled Kanti in Bridge of Hope.Two years later, the little girl chose to trust Jesus, and He transformed her life. The Lord has met all her family’s needs. He has answered the prayers of the Bridge of Hope staff for Lona’s health, and she has started recovering. He has also, through the program, given Kanti the motivation to study.

Through Bridge of Hope, Child Sees Christ Values Her

Although people from low castes face discrimination daily and their society constantly tells them they are worthless, Kanti comes to her Bridge of Hope center and hears just the opposite. Through the care and attention she receives, she understands Jesus loves her—exactly as she is.

After embracing the Lord’s love for her, the child who had attempted suicide began praying and singing songs. Christ has transformed Kanti’s life through Bridge of Hope, and she now knows the amazing value God has placed upon her.

Kanti’s story is a precious victory, but there are millions more children who don’t know Jesus loves them exactly as they are.

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