Musings from a promise-collector

Thankful Thursdays

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1. Dutch letters! Oh, they are the most wonderful confection.
I get them only once or twice a year, but they are wonderful… especially the ones that come from my cousin’s world-famous bakery (Jaarsma’s) in Pella,Iowa. While I was home last weekend, I got to partake of their flaky goodness, and rich almond paste centers. (Am I making you drool yet??)

2. Giordano’s Pizza. Whenever I pass through the Chicagoland on my way home and back, I pick up a couple deep dish pizzas for my boss. I get them half-baked and frozen for easier transport. I love the smell of them baking (usually the next day), and even more, the taste of a fresh pizza a day or two after I get them back to TN. Just look at all of that yummy gooey cheese! (Photo Source)

3. Mostly unsweet with a little sweet tea. Or, as I have come to discover it called in the South: “Northern” and “Southern” Tea, which makes me chuckle every time I see it. This has been my go-to drink ever since I stopped drinking a daily Dew. On my drive this past weekend, I stopped a few times for tea… in Kentucky the girl looked at me very strangely when I asked for mostly unsweet with just a little sweet… cause in the South, everyone drinks SweeTea! Or at least half-n-half. So I must have sounded rather odd to her. (Photo Source)

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