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My Furry Alarm Clock

Do you have a furry alarm clock at home? My furry alarm clock likes to sit in wait across the room. I’ve woken up before my alarm and cracked an eye open to see Izzy perched on a chair or trunk in my room, just waiting. He sits up, fully alert, anticipating his cue.

The second my alarm goes off, he bounds across the room and jumps onto my stomach, which makes breathing difficult – he’s 19 pounds! Then with his nose inches from mine, he begins to purr loudly. Morning is cuddle time! He knows I’m not a ‘pop-out-of-bed’ sort of person, so he gets ample time to have his ears scratched. And unlike my electric alarm clock, which has a snooze button, Izzy is not interested in snoozing.

My little buddy loves to wrap his four paws around my arm and pull my hand to his head and hold it there while I scratch his ears. On his face is an expression of pure bliss.

I’m just very thankful that he does not wake me up this way:

I love morning cuddle time with my sweet Maine Coon. And evening cuddle time. He has the best purr.

Comments on: "My Furry Alarm Clock" (2)

  1. OR his soft wide paw-on-the-side of me….one….two……as if checking….for what?…I don’t know…but it makes me laugh!

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