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A Llama-ectomy

Tonight I performed my first llama-ectomy. Having never done any type of work on a llama before, I was a little unsure of what the outcome would be. You see, Dani got a small stuffed llama from South America years ago, and it is made with real llama hair (I think). He is a cute and very soft little llama. As far as llamas go, he has a very sweet personality!

Her cat, Tiberius, has taken a shining to this llama and plays with him often. However, Tibs plays a little rougher than the llama does. And after many months of abuse, the llama was critically injured.

You will notice that it’s head is now down by his feet, leaning off to the right. His back was split open, and he also had a gaping wound on the back of his little head. It is a miracle this little guy was still alive! It is a good thing that they came to me when they did.

So I sat down tonight with my needle and llama-colored thread and gently began stitching him up. Tibs kept trying to help me with perform surgery on his fuzzy little friend, so Joey had to throw him out on the back porch with the others for a while, so I could finish in peace.

I am happy to report that the patient has made a full recovery and is ready to play with his best buddy Tibs again.


Comments on: "A Llama-ectomy" (2)

  1. I’d like to see Bella Rue and Tiberius side by side…so similar!!

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