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On Being Single

Being single definitely has both its perks and drawbacks. And there are days when one side definitely outweighs the other… usually it’s the perks, but occasionally it’s not. And of course there are very sweet, well-meaning people who want you to share the joy that they found in marital bliss, but don’t always know quite how to say it. Usually it is very thoughtful; unfortunately, sometimes it is awkward.

The other day I stumbled across a video and it made me laugh. A guy goes through many of the sayings that Christian singles hear, and I found it so funny. I hope you find a laugh out of it, too.

Being able to find the humor in things is good and I love that I can laugh at this… it sure beats being bitter! Ultimately it is a testament to the contentment and joy that I have in Jesus, and resting in the hope of things to come because He knows the desires of my heart.

One of my favorite things that someone has said to me wasn’t in this video. She simply said, “You’ll call me as soon as it happens, right?” Yes… I think the whole world will know when it finally happens. 🙂

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  1. I love the comment “maybe if you give God one of your ribs he’ll give you a wife!” hahah! Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

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