Musings from a promise-collector

I love oatmeal. It is just one of those yummy comfort foods that’s great any time of the day. The other day I was in the mood for a bowl, so I grabbed some quick oats and started microwaving them. I then began looking for the brown sugar and cinnamon to put on them. I searched high and low, but the brown sugar was not to be found! Well, now what was I going to do? Plain oatmeal isn’t all that great.

I began to raid the fridge and pantry for something else I could mix into the oatmeal. I was thinking through all of the different combinations that they put together in those little packets of instant flavored oatmeal. The fruit flavors have always been my favorite. That’s when I saw a jar of strawberry jelly in the fridge. I thought it was worth a try, so I plopped a spoonful of jelly into my oatmeal and mixed it in. It was wonderful! And the benefit of this is that you are not eating all of the preservatives that they put in the little packets of oatmeal to keep everything from spoiling on the shelf.

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I have been enjoying my new treat so much that I thought I’d share my “recipe” with you:

  • water
  • Quaker Quick Oats (TM) or your favorite oatmeal
  • milk, if desired
  • your favorite jelly, jam, or preserves

Make your oatmeal to taste. Add milk if desired, and then add jelly to taste (a spoonful is usually enough), mix. Enjoy!


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