Musings from a promise-collector

These thoughts are excerpts from my journal from my trip to India: 

December 3… after sunrise

I might have fallen asleep at 4am… it is now 7:15am and I am ready to go! Myself, the 3 guys from Kansas (Aaron, Travis, and Ben), and Isaac’s nephew (Rohan) are all staying on the second floor of the orphanage. The others are in Isaac’s house, just a couple of lots away. I haven’t heard the guys make a peep yet. The doors to the second floor are all still locked, so I know that no one else has been moving about yet. The ceiling fan is so noisy that I don’t hear the girls downstairs, so I can’t tell if they are up yet.

My throat really hurts this morning. I could feel myself catching a cold on the plane, but I was hoping that some sleep would help me feel better. Jesus, I need your healing. Touch me today!

I can no longer wait to meet those girls. I guess I will head downstairs!

The girls are so precious! They spotted me as soon as I got to the back door (since you have to go outside to get between the first and second floors) and came to check me out. I went in and sat on bedroom floor with them. I knew exactly who each one of them was, from staring at their pictures for so long. They were a little shy at first, but very curious and sat very close. Once they got talking though, I found out quickly that they all speak English very well. They were very curious about my fair skin, and my freckles. They kept touching my arms and asking about them. If my hair had been down, I’m sure they would have been touching it as well… but it is too hot here to not have my pulled up.

Once their breakfast was ready, I headed upstairs to see if any of the others were awake. I hung out with Travis and Rohan until Travis went in to finally wake the other two. Once everyone was up and moving we went downstairs to hang out with the girls for a while.

We discovered quickly that they like to have their pictures taken… but they really want to take your picture. But since I didn’t want 253 pictures of myself, I let them do it a couple times, then told them they could take more later. That way I was able to get more pictures of them.

They sang some songs for me, and I taught them Father Abraham. Some of the girls have already taken to me quite quickly. They have started calling me Akka, which means ‘big sister’ in Tamil. I love it!

We all eventually ended up at Isaac & Tara’s for some late breakfast. Since Tara was heading out to take Sitara (their daughter) to school (on a Saturday!!), I rode along with them and Rohan so I could go to their office to send a quick email to everyone so that they would know that I got there safely. After I was done, I rode back with Tara and it was good to spend some time getting to know her better.

As soon as we got back we had a late lunch of homemade Chinese food! It was very yummy! With full tummies, someone made the wise suggestion that we should all try to nap a little. I got about 2.5 hours of sleep that afternoon – it was wonderful! My throat started to feel much better after my nap.

We headed back to the house for dinner around 6pm. The girls had just gotten back from a Christmas party that they went to just for the local orphanages. They were excited to show us the little gifts and candies that they got. “Akka, look!” “See, Akka!” My heart could burst hearing those words. Eventually they were shuffled off for bed and we had dinner. We had KFC (since many Indians do eat chicken) and it is a little spicier than the KFC in the US! We spent the rest of the evening just taking it easy and hanging out at Isaac and Tara’s.

I go to bed tonight with a very full heart. Jesus, show me how to show them love from you. I so want to make sure that they know just how much love you have put in my heart for them!

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