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Less Than 48 Hours

In less than 48 hours (approximately 44… but who’s counting?), I will be boarding a plane and making my way to India! For so long it has seemed so far off, that it almost seems surreal now that it’s just a day and a half away. But even though I start the trip on Thursday morning, it will take somewhere around 23 hours of traveling to actually arrive in India. I will be one tired girl by the time I get there!

So today and tomorrow I am focusing on those last-minute things that have to be done. The majority of my packing will be done tomorrow. Tonight I will be shopping for those last few things I need for the trip. And I am working on getting a few things in the office wrapped up before I leave.


Last Few Wishlist Items

I leave for India in eight days. Eight! I have most of what I need from the wishlist that I got from STEPS. There are just a few items left if you would still like to contribute:

  • 6 containers of children’s chewable multi-vitamins, 600 count preferred (more…)

November 2011 Ministry Update

It’s almost Thanksgiving! I so look forward to this time of year, when we can gather together and remember to thank the Lord for all that He has blessed us with. And I feel SO incredibly blessed! I leave for India in the very near future, and I am so humbled that I get to do this! God is so amazing and gracious! And I so appreciate all of your prayers and support for my trip. You are truly a blessing to me!


Lamentations and a Hymn

The Lord has been speaking the word “hope” over me in regards to my upcoming trip to India. I believe that He wants to send hope with me there to the little girls, and build my own hope. So in preparation, I’ve been doing some studying on hope in the Word. I ended up in a very interesting place in the Bible – a place you wouldn’t expect to find hope. Lamentations. But this is what I read in Lamentations 3:

21 Yet this I call to mind
and therefore I have hope: (more…)

22 Days and Counting…

In just 22 days I will on my way to India! I can’t even begin to express in type just how excited I am about this! It’s almost surreal in some ways since I have been dreaming and hoping and planning since about June.

The final pieces of all the preparations are falling into place: I have gotten my shots, I will be getting my malaria pills soon, my Visa is almost done being processed, and I have begun to collect the things I will be packing to take over there. By the way, if you are interested in helping me purchase anything from the wishlist, you can find it here.

Some beautiful ladies from my church here in Knoxville are hosting a bit of a “baby shower” for me before my trip as well, to help me gather more of the items from the wishlist and to bring awareness of what I am doing with STEPS. I am so excited to share with everyone what God is doing and how He is rescuing precious little girls from the streets of India. (more…)

Top 10 Reasons Why I Am Not a Morning Person

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I am not a morning person like a turtle is not an Olympic Medalist in the 100-meter dash. So I’ve compiled a little list of the reasons why I am not a morning person.

10. I’m a night owl. (Hoo Hoo!) This, by default, makes it impossible for me to be a morning person.

9. The sun is just too chipper in the morning, what with all it’s bright little rays dancing across the sky waking everything up.

8. Birds are also happy in the morning. The one outside my window sings its little heart out, even though it has the most ugly squawk ever. I’m ready to find something to throw at it. (more…)

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