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One of Those Moments…

The other day I had one of those moments… the moment when you are ready to pick up your phone to call someone you love only to remember quickly (and painfully) that they are not here anymore.

My friend Theresa called me last week because her car battery had died and she needed a jump in order to get to church. I drove over the park where she was waiting, in the rain no less. We both fumbled with our umbrellas and we lifted the cars’ hoods and I searched through my trunk to find my jumper cables. I had a large umbrella, thankfully, having to practically lay down in my trunk to get to the very back of it where the cables were stored, I could feel my backside getting wet. Fabulous! Seriously, who wants to go to church with a wet rump?

I handed the jumper cables to Theresa and took her umbrella. I held the two umbrellas in between the two cars so that Theresa could hands-free work on hooking up the jumper cables without getting wet. We have both used jumper cables before, so this was not a new and foreign thing to us. Yet, the jumper cables would not stay on the batteries. They kept popping off a few seconds after she’d get them clipped on. Looking at the ends of them, it became apparent that they weren’t made like normal jumper cables – they had this extra piece of metal on the ends.  But rather than get frustrated, we just laughed about it. I mean, of course that would happen when you’re trying to jump a car, simply because it was raining. It’s one of those Murphy’s Laws, or something like that. Well Murphy had one on us that day.

Finally, Theresa got the cables to stay, and we very gingerly backed away from the cars as not to disturb their precarious balancing act. I took a huge step over the cables and eased into my car, making sure not to slam the door and chance knocking one of the cables loose. I turned my engine on, and Theresa did the same – and her car purred to life! Yay! I was almost tempted to do a happy dance in the rain, but I didn’t want to scare the lady parked 5 spots over.

That’s when I had one of those moments. I was about to pull out my cell phone and call my dad to tease him about the terrible jumper cables he bought me, how they wouldn’t clip on right, and that he should take them for himself and get me a new, better, set. That thought was short-lived though. My hand didn’t even make it to my pocket when I knew I wouldn’t be making that phone call. This kind of took me by surprise since I don’t have those one of those moments often anymore: the first two years after I had one of those moments more frequently, but since it has been three and a half years, it has just become part of life now.

Theresa and I put the jumper cables away and I followed her to church to make sure her car didn’t die along the way. We walked into The Well prayer service a little late and partially wet, and I found a seat where I could just relax in God’s presence. Still feeling a tiny bit of the sting of death in my soul, I prayed to Jesus. Since He knew what I wanted to call my dad and say, I just simply asked Jesus to pass the message along for me. I felt God lift my spirit – after all, it is because of Him that I can say, “Where, O death, is they sting?” …I’ll just have to remember to tease my dad about those awful jumper cables when I reach Heaven.

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