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Unproportional Portion Sizes

Yesterday, I went out to lunch with my friend Theresa. We decided to eat off the Wendy’s value menu. What you may not realize until you get your food is the very unusual portion sizes – they are not proportional.

I ordered a chicken sandwich, fries and a Frostie from the $1 menu. Then I ordered a meduim lemonade. Theresa ordered a medium drink and regular fries with her meal. Take a look at the different sizes we ended up with:

Here are my $1 fries and Frostie. Notice Theresa’s small Frostie Float in the background.

To give you a little more perspective of how small this Frostie is….

Yep, it’s just that little.

Here’s my ‘medium’ berry lemonade next to it.

Pretty tiny, ain’t it? Plus my medium drink is much larger than Theresa’s medium.

I wasn’t sure at first if the ‘value Frostie’ was even worth the dollar I spent on it, but it turns out that it was just the right amount of Frostie. Not too much, not too little – very satisfying. It really is kind of the perfect size. Even if it seems a bit unproportional.

Comments on: "Unproportional Portion Sizes" (4)

  1. My drink was actually a small size, and I decided against the Frosty Float, and just got a small size Frosty…which apparently is not the same as the Frosty from the value menu. So confusing.

  2. I have thought the exact same thing numerous times! Plus that sampler frosty is the best – perfect size everytime!!

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