Musings from a promise-collector

Haku Meets a Stink Bug

While our sweet friends Brandon and Tirzah are on tour playing their music, we are kitten-sitting.

This is Haku (ha-koo).

Haku is playful and incredibly curious.

Yesterday, Haku met a stink bug. Source)

Haku found much entertainment in playing with the bug. He batted it around, pounced on it, and did all the things kittens do with a bug.

Including trying to eat it. Haku quickly found out why it’s named a stink bug.

He spent the next two minutes frantically running around, foaming at the mouth, trying to get the taste off his tongue.

I wish I had pictures of this event, but alas, I was laughing just too hard to even get my phone out to take a picture.

But this was not the end.  Oh no, Haku apparently did not learn his lesson.

After getting the taste out of his mouth, he went back to the stink bug. He played with it a bit longer, and just when he was about to eat it for the second time, I grabbed him and a tissue and got rid of the bug.

After all, I didn’t want to have to clean up all that foaming slobber a second time.

Oh Haku… stink bugs don’t make good playmates.


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