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Save A Little Girl

Female infanticide, child trafficking, and child abuse has become very commonplace in India. Spreading awareness is the first step to righting things; join STEPS in protecting girl children by finding out more!

The girls who live at STEPS have been rescued from these very things! I wish I could share all of their stories and show you their faces, but for safety, I cannot put them on the web. If you want to see their faces though next time you see me, just ask! I love their little faces and I want people to hear their stories! How is it possible that I can already be so in love with those little faces that I have never met? The only way I can describe it is because of God. He has already knitted my heart to those little girls in such a supernatural way. I think about them constantly, I pray for them throughout day, I could break down into tears if I look at their little faces too long.

The great part about our partnership with STEPS, is that now we can do something to help them rescue more girls off of the streets of India. You can help, too! You can sign up to sponsor one of the girls, for only $30 a month! That’s the cost of giving up a meal out just once a month. Your gift includes giving them the best education, bringing them up with good morals and providing them with good food, hygiene and a safe and comfortable environment to live in. We looked forward to adding more children with the assurance that we could give these girls a better quality of life.

To sponsor one of the girls, go to our website ( and click on STEPS. There you can read a bit more about the mission and values of STEPS, and at the bottom of the page is a link to Sponsor a STEPS Girl. Then just fill in the appropriate information. You can even choose to be set up with a specific girl so that you can receive updates about her!

Or, if you would like to help me get to India to spend a couple of weeks loving on these beautiful girls, you can help me as well. Just go to the same page, and enter payment information and type in the comments box where you would like it to go. I am in need of around $2000 for the roundtrip ticket there, money for shots, $166 for a visa, and other things. I also would like to raise some money to be able to bring gifts to the girls, such as toys, coloring books, hairbows, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at I would love to talk to you more about STEPS and the girls that call STEPS their home.


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