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Recenly, the founders and directors of a new Christian girls’ home called STEPS in southeast India came to us. Isaac and Tara are long-time friends of our ministry and personal friends of Dave & Grace. They felt God’s calling to open a Christian orphanage for abandoned and neglected girls in their area. Originally they just asked us to help them get support from the US to India. But we felt God’s calling to much much more than that.

As of last week Monday, I am now the Director of STEPS! At least as far as our ministry is concerned. I am so excited about this amazing opportunity that I have been given!

STEPS has 16 girls between the ages of 1-8 years old in their care. Many of these girls were considered a ‘curse’ on their family, were unwanted, or could not be cared for. So while they have family still living, they have no one to care for them. This is where Isaac and Tara step in. They care for these girls, house them, feed them, put them in school, teach them hygene, and most importantly teach them about Jesus! These beautiful little girls now have hope and security because of the hearts of Isaac and Tara.

STEPS stands for:

S – Safety and Solidarity
T – Truth and Trust
E – Enrichment and Endowment
P – Promise and Progress
S – Sacrifice and Service

STEPS is a voluntary, non-profit, child care organization committed to providing a caring environment for girl children by nurturing their physical, educational and emotional  development through love and care.

STEPS aims to find, foster and free abandoned baby girls, and, bring awareness about female infanticide, child trafficking and child abuse.

So what does this mean for me?

  • I am creating informational packets on each of the girls.
  • I am working on putting sponsorship information on the website (
  • I will be communicating the needs of the girls and STEPS to everyone we encounter: at trainings, retreats, performances, churches… everywhere we are invited.
  • I will coordinate all of the funds that come in, issue donor receipts, and make sure all of the support goes to the right places.
  • I am in close communication with Isaac and Tara, and their Director of Development, Deepa.
  • I will be visiting STEPS soon. And will be making plans to visit STEPS once or twice a year so that I can build even stronger ties to the Directors and the girls.

Our ultimate goal is to raise up multiple supporters for each girl, because of the costs of housing, care, school, etc. Plus, we will be raising funds to help us to travel to India at least annually so that we can bless the staff and girls through ministry and gifts.

Being that I am working close with the staff of STEPS, it is the desire of all of us to get me to India to see everything first-hand as soon as possible. This can only be done by the generous support of caring people. If you are interested in helping me get to India to love on those beautiful girls for a couple weeks, please contact me, or find our mailing address on the bottom of one of my Monthly Updates.


Comments on: "Say Hello to the Director of STEPS Girls’ Home!" (6)

  1. Congratulations Nicole! That is super exciting! It sounds like a GREAT addition to your job!

  2. This super excited is parallel to the super heebie-jeebies dance the skink created?! God has blessed your faithfulness to him with this exciting opportunity, a new adventure!!

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