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Dancing with a Skink

I sat down to a quiet lunch today with a cat in my lap. The stillness was disrupted by the sounds of another cat on the hunt. By the time I went upstairs, I could not determine which cat it was that had been exercising its natural instincts.

But I found what it had been chasing. A tail-less brown skink.

(Photo Source)

For a few minutes I couldn’t even bring myself to walk into the laundry room to decide what to do about it. I did a heebie-jeebie dance in the hallway. Deciding that I needed feline assistance, I grabbed the best hunter of the 4 and put him in the laundry room, right in front of the skink. He didn’t see it… just waltzed over to his food bowl. Alright… so I tried a second cat. She did not see it either. Really? What do I have to do around here to get a lizard taken care of??

I began to look for something to trap it under, since I didn’t have the nerve to try to kill it.

The only thing left I could think of was to trap it. This would mean that I would have to get close.

After doing another heebie-jeebie dance, I eventually I found a small garbage can lid. Since these lizards are extremely fast under normal circumstances, I inched closer to the wounded lizard, hoping that it being tail-less would slow it down. I dropped the lid over it and amazingly captured it.

I could hear it scurrying around inside the lid, looking for a way out. Finally the uninterested cats were keenly interested in what was under the lid.

And that is where the lizard is right now. Under a lid. Being guarded by a curious cat. The thought of going back in that room is enough to make me do another heebie-jeebie dance.

Anyone want to kill a lizard for me?

Comments on: "Dancing with a Skink" (2)

  1. You have made me laugh and I could just watch the whole event unfold with your well-written tale!! I miss that, having you to laugh with when those things happen, but this is the next best thing to being there!! Thanks for the fun!

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