Musings from a promise-collector


I have been thinking a lot about walls lately.

Not the literal kind in a building, but the proverbial walls that we have around each of us. Often we put up walls as a defense mechanism when we get hurt. We’ve all done it to some degree. We put up a steely, cold exterior so that no one can get in and do more damage. The problem is, if we keep everyone out then no one can get in to help us heal. Not even God. If we insist on staying within our walls of hurt, He will let us. But He does wait patiently nearby, calling to us, and is ready for the moment we finally let Him in.

Psalm 89:40 says “You have broken through all his walls and reduced his strongholds to ruins.” Once we let God begin to tear down the walls we have built up and heal us, an interesting thing happens. He makes beauty from ashes – He takes the rubble around us and rebuilds our lives. He resets the foundation, plumb lines it, and begins to build His walls of protection around us. But these aren’t like our walls – these walls let others into our lives. It doesn’t mean that we won’t still get hurt by other people because people aren’t perfect. But it does mean that we come under His protective hand from the enemy’s attacks. In the book of Nehemiah, we see how God brought Nehemiah back to the city of Jerusalem to help the people rebuild the wall in record time so that they would be protected from the enemies around them. God wanted to see His people protected and secure; a city was not safe if it did not have walls.

We are not safe if we do not have God’s walls around us either; He wants to be our protection in this world. We may try to hide within our own walls, but trying to maintain those walls is exhausting. We wear ourselves out trying to constantly keep the wall up, patched, and in place. And we’re miserable and lonely within our own walls. When we allow God to put His walls of protection around us we find rest, peace, provision, and relationship. He tends the walls for us as we rely more and more on Him and spend time with Him.

So I guess this begs the question: What walls have I not let God tear down to rebuild? That’s only a question that He can answer. And the answer only comes from spending time with Him and letting Him reveal those areas to me. Then I have to allow Him to take a wrecking ball to those walls and rebuild them as He sees fit. Sometimes it’s painful to let those walls fall, but what He builds is always better and more beautiful.

Bring on the wrecking ball.

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