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Recently I’ve been writing a little bit about working out… or my lack thereof. I am happy to report that my lack has ended. I have finally gotten myself motivated and have been walking in the evenings. Well, maybe it should be classified as more of a hike (I should invest in a walking stick!). The neighborhood that I live in is very short, so I have been going across the street to the next neighborhood to walk their roads. You can easily get a 5-mile walk in their subdivision… if you want to walk straight up the steepest hill inhabited by people this side of the Mississippi, that is.

I walked this subdivision last fall with a friend before going to Israel, to get in good touring shape. Thankfully, I have since found a second way to the top of the hill. Instead of going straight up the whole way, this way winds its way up the side of the hill… or shall I say “mountain”. It is still intense, but much easier on my shins!

I have noticed a few things about my new workout routine (see picture below for visual aid). I start out with all the enthusiasm I can muster – because I am going to conquer that hill! This enthusiasm lasts as long as the flat area preceding the steep incline. Once I start the ascent up this behemoth, I find that I begin to encourage myself that I can do this; it’s not really as bad as I remember it from yesterday. But by the time I reach the top, I am ready to find a sprinkler close enough to the road that I am not trespassing so I can stick my head in it and gulp as much water as humanly possible. To my disappointment, I find plenty of evidence of watered lawns and wet sidewalks, but no sprinklers on (I think they see me coming). However, upon reaching the top, there is a stunning view of the surrounding hills and mountains. There is usually a gentle, cooling breeze up there as well – which aids me in my gulping for air. The air just seems fresher up there – that is until I pass the house with the pile of mothballs around their curbside plants. Then I spend the rest of the walk trying to breathe out the pungent smell that has been burned in my mouth and nose.

But after the grueling trip to the top comes the best part of the walk – the return trip DOWN the hill. My favorite part! I have been going in the evening, so as I enjoy the walk downhill I drink in the colors of the sunset. Every night they are new and beautiful. The views and sunset colors kind of make walking that behemoth hill worth it. And I take my mp3 player with me to listen to K-Love and spend some quality time with my Abba; this definitely makes my time precious.

Now comes the hard part of this exercise routine… making it routine. My goal is to walk that beast of a hill at least 3 or 4 times a week – very do-able for my schedule. So I give you permission to kick me in the shin if I start slacking off.


Comments on: "The Battle with the Bulge" (7)

  1. GO! Cole…and this is a voucher for those times as needed…Kick #1…Kick #2…
    : )

  2. I know that hill! I would be drinking out of the sprinklers too. Keep up the good work 🙂

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