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June 2011 Ministry Update

Happy summer! Can you believe June is almost done already?

How can I be praying for you this month? I love being able to share in taking your requests to the Father.

If you have any trouble viewing my update, click on it to enlarge it, or let me know and I will email you a copy. (more…)

There Was An Old Lady

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There was an old lady who swallowed a fly….

I know why she swallowed that fly. (more…)

Feelings on Father’s Day

How do I even begin to talk about a day that brings such mixed emotions?

Sadness at the years of what could have been and can never be recaptured.

Joy that he is free from pain and sickness.

Thankful that God led us to reconciliation.

Sadness that our new-found relationship ended too soon.

Wistfully watching dads and daughters interacting.

So joyful that he is with Jesus now.

And so incredibly thankful that I have a Heavenly Abba who loves me. (more…)


I simply love this skit. It is so beautifully powerful. It makes me tear up, thinking of all that Jesus has done for me and saved me from. There is nothing you’ve done that Jesus can’t save you from! You just have to ask Him…. (more…)

Week 1 and 5 pounds

I walked the behemoth hill three times this week, each trip being about 4 miles.

I learned not to take the bike path behind some of the houses last night… it only leads to more insanely steep hills than the normal ones I walk on the road and there is no breeze back there.

And after weighing myself each day this week, I have lost a total of 5 lbs! That’s some good motivation to keep it up! I think I like my new routine! (more…)

The Battle with the Bulge

Recently I’ve been writing a little bit about working out… or my lack thereof. I am happy to report that my lack has ended. I have finally gotten myself motivated and have been walking in the evenings. Well, maybe it should be classified as more of a hike (I should invest in a walking stick!). The neighborhood that I live in is very short, so I have been going across the street to the next neighborhood to walk their roads. You can easily get a 5-mile walk in their subdivision… if you want to walk straight up the steepest hill inhabited by people this side of the Mississippi, that is.

I walked this subdivision last fall with a friend before going to Israel, to get in good touring shape. Thankfully, I have since found a second way to the top of the hill. Instead of going straight up the whole way, this way winds its way up the side of the hill… or shall I say “mountain”. It is still intense, but much easier on my shins! (more…)

My Relationship with Water

Water and I have an unstable relationship. It all started when I was young. My mom decided that it would be a good idea for my brother and I to take swimming lessons at the local pool. I was game for this because little did I know what a fickle friend water would be. In my 7-year-old mind, it seemed like water would make such a good friend. And at first, water was a great friend. I loved to play and splash in pools in my little adorable swim suits with the frilly tutus. But when it came time to actually learn to swim by putting my face in the water, I quickly discovered that water didn’t always play nice.

Sure, every kid sucks in a little water when first learning to swim, but water had a way of creeping into my nose and down my throat even when I was holding my breath. After trying for many summers to master the art of holding my breath without pinching my nose shut, I am said to say, I still to this day do not have that talent. No matter how hard I try, water weasels it’s way down my wind pipe in yet another attempt to drown me. (more…)

May 2011 Ministry Update

Happy Summer y’all! Can you believe it’s already here? I celebrated one year of living in Knoxville over Memorial Day weekend. Here is my most recent Ministry Update – to make it larger, click on the picture, and it will enlarge it in another window. And if you would like to receive an email copy of my update every month, just let me know – I will be happy to add you to my email list! (more…)

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