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Ok, so to be completely honest, I haven’t been doing the best at working out recently. And I desperately should be. I think my problem is, I haven’t found a good routine that I’ve been able to stick with since Curves. I used to love Curves, but at some point I plateaued, lost interest, and have been struggling ever since to find a workout that I have been able to stick with for more than a few weeks.

Another excuse I’ve found to be too easy to use is that in this section of Knoxville there are hardly any sidewalks which adds a game of dodge-that-car to your workout.  It is also incredibly hilly, so rollerblading and bike riding are also a bit more dangerous.

A treadmill might be fun, but I don’t have the room for it at this point, nor the money to purchase one.

I really need to find something to do and stop the excuses.

I say all this to ask your help. What do you do to stay fit? What have you found that works? I would love to hear your suggestions. Answer the poll or leave me a comment. 

I would love to know if you have any tips or tricks to help you stay motivated and moving, as well!

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Comments on: "How Do You Stay in Shape?" (2)

  1. Nicole, the Couch to 5K was the best workout that happened to me and Eric. Neither of us had ever been runners before and now we both can run 30 minutes without stopping. The program is 9 weeks long but you can repeat tough weeks to build up stamina. Because of vacation and things, we took about 11 weeks to complete it. I can tell you more if you’re interested.

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