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My Name in Flowers

Recently, Jesus showed me a picture of a flowerbed. In it were yellow and purple pansies. I asked Him what it meant. Slowly, over the next couple of weeks, He showed me some interesting things about it. And since then, I have seen yellow and purple pansies EVERYwhere.

The first thing He showed me was that the flower bed was full, but there was room for more. I felt encouraged by this, even though I still had no idea what it meant.

The Jesus shared with me through a friend what the colors represented. Yellow is the color of joy. Purple is the color of victory. I definitely felt encouraged about that. I mean, who doesn’t want joy and victory in their lives? Especially with the promise of more to come!

Then a few nights later, I was laying in bed when suddenly Jesus reminded me what my name means. I sat bolt up! I wanted to tell someone, to run through the house sharing my news, but no one was awake. So I had to stay in bed and be content to wait until morning to share my revelation. Nicole means “victorious of the people”, and Kay means “rejoice.”

Craziness, huh?? In flower language, my name is spelled out in yellow and purple pansies!

I also read on a flower website this about the pansy:

The flower symbolism associated with the pansy is merriment and you occupy my thoughts. The pansy is also called the heartsease or Johnny Jump Up. The name pansy is derived from the French word pensée meaning “thought”, and was so named because the flower resembles a human face. In August the pansy is thought to nod forward as if deep in thought.

I’m not sure if that ties into the picture of my pansy flowerbed yet. I guess I’ll have to wait for Jesus to show me more!

Comments on: "My Name in Flowers" (2)

  1. In the last several years I find random yellow-purple Johnny-jump-ups growing at the most precarious places, I would transplant them to a pot and enjoy. I also have been drawn to yellow and purple pansies, putting them in the flower boxes on the front porch. I now look forward to this season as I plant these flowers, that have a special meaning,… more than” they just catch my eye”!

  2. […] for my trip back to India, I decided I needed to make a tote to carry around with me. And since purple and yellow pansies are kind of my thing, I found a fabric that had that type of […]

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