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How Do You Stay in Shape?

Ok, so to be completely honest, I haven’t been doing the best at working out recently. And I desperately should be. I think my problem is, I haven’t found a good routine that I’ve been able to stick with since Curves. I used to love Curves, but at some point I plateaued, lost interest, and have been struggling ever since to find a workout that I have been able to stick with for more than a few weeks.

Another excuse I’ve found to be too easy to use is that in this section of Knoxville there are hardly any sidewalks which adds a game of dodge-that-car to your workout.  It is also incredibly hilly, so rollerblading and bike riding are also a bit more dangerous. (more…)

An Exciting GameTime in TN

You’ve been hearing me talk about GameTime a lot lately. The event is now over and was awesome!

The sports and cheer camps, along with a kid zone, happened in the afternoon. It was such a joy to watch the athletes working with the kids – they had so much fun! Our counselors were excited to be there, and did a great job connecting with the kids during the Gospel presentation. There were about 72 decisions for Christ that afternoon!

The evening portion of the event took place in Neyland Stadium. It rained for just a couple of minutes at the beginning of the evening, but it quickly dissipated after everyone prayed. There was a local brother-sister group (Charles & Taylor) that sang first to get things started. Chris Walker and Nick Reveiz, both UT football players, gave very stirring testimonies of what Jesus has done in their lives. Superchick followed with a great performance – you could tell that they were excited to be there. Chaplain Roger Woods got on the stage for a few minutes during the offering time. (more…)

Game Time in TN tomorrow!

If you live in the Knoxville, TN area and have not heard, tomorrow is a big day! The student athletes at the University of Tennessee will see a dream come true. Game Time is their vision.

Tomorrow afternoon there will be sports camps, cheer camp, and a kid’s zone located in the Neyland Thompson Sports Complex. The gospel will be presented in each of the areas – pray for open ears and open hearts!

(Photo source) (more…)

My Name in Flowers

Recently, Jesus showed me a picture of a flowerbed. In it were yellow and purple pansies. I asked Him what it meant. Slowly, over the next couple of weeks, He showed me some interesting things about it. And since then, I have seen yellow and purple pansies EVERYwhere.

The first thing He showed me was that the flower bed was full, but there was room for more. I felt encouraged by this, even though I still had no idea what it meant. (more…)

April 2011 Ministry Update

Here is my update from the month of April. I hope to see many of you while I travel back to IL this May! Just click on the update to make it larger to read it more easily. (more…)

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