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A Day With Flat Stanley

Last week in the mail I received a Flat Stanley from a friend’s 2nd grade son in South Dakota. If you have never heard of Flat Stanley, you should check out the synopsis on Wikipedia. I spent Saturday afternoon in downtown Knoxville with my friend Theresa, showing Flat Stanley all of the sites. Here are some of the highlights:

First we showed him Market Square – this is a great place to hang out. There are restaurants and cute little shops. In the summer, they play free movies in the square; in the winter there is an ice skating rink.

Next, we headed down Gay Street to see the iconic Tennessee Theater and Bijou Theater.

Along the way, we found a neat sculpture.

We found the Old Knox County Courthouse, where Flat Stanley asked me to put him in the cannon.

As we wandered more of downtown, Flat Stanley spotted the Sunsphere. This was built for the 1981 World’s Fair and is a landmark of downtown Knoxville.

To get to the Sunsphere, we had to go to the Knoxville Convention Center. As we were walking through, Flat Stanley saw a bear and some artwork from local students.

We took the elevator to the public observation deck which gives the viewer a complete 360-degree view of the mountains surrounding Knoxville. Even though it was cloudy (and threatening to rain on our little outing), Flat Stanley still got to see the mountains.

Flat Stanley wanted to see what else was in the area, so he looked through the brochures. He even played a little hide-n-seek in them.

While hiding in the brochures, Flat Stanley found a map of New York. We were a little confused by this.

After enjoying everything the Sunsphere had to offer, we headed back outside. Theresa said that we needed to take Flat Stanley to a unique general store. Along the way, we found a cow.

We finally arrived at Mast General Store. Stanley had fun trying on some University of Tennessee Vol’s items.

Then Flat Stanley found his favorite part of the store: the candy barrels!

It was such a busy day that Flat Stanley was very tired. He found a tent in the store to take a quick nap in before we headed home.

Thanks for visiting me in Knoxville, Flat Stanley! Have a safe trip back to South Dakota!


Comments on: "A Day With Flat Stanley" (4)

  1. Stanley, in the maps, is like where’s Waldo?! I would like the tour Stanley had if I come to Knoxville this spring 🙂

  2. So fun! Love the Mega Smarties most of all– memories of TCC night classes!

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