Musings from a promise-collector

This weekend my craftiness was itching to get out. Therefore I decided that I needed to make a new tote to carry my things. Most of my current bags are rather small, so I came to the logical conclusion that I needed a bigger one. After much internet searching, I found a design I liked here.

I printed out the pattern, but really only used it to see what measurements that pattern suggested – which I ended up modifying anyway. I began by digging through my tubs of fabric to decide which ones to use.

I settled in for the long-haul with my favorite drink and a supervisor.

I chose a canvas material because I wanted to paint a verse onto my bag. I chose Psalm 145:13 and penciled it on. I used a piece of cardboard to make sure I stayed straight.

I used a tiny paintbrush for the lettering, and a larger one for the octopus arms. Yes, you read it right – I painted octopus arms onto the tote. God gave me a red octopus as a symbol of a promise to me. Since the verse I chose is about God’s promises, adding a touch of red octopus just seemed all too appropriate for me.

After the paint dried, I sewed the two panels to the bottom which is a red corduroy. I also decided to add two more octopus arms, because only having two made it look like it was lacking.

Next I cut out the lining and added a corduroy pocket to one side – because what bag is complete without a pocket?

To finish the tote off, I stuffed the interior into the completed exterior, and pinned the trim and handles on. (To make the trim, I just left extra interior fabric at the top and folded it over.) Once I had it pinned in place, I sewed an 1/2-inch seam along the top and bottom of the trim to secure the handles.

And here is the finished product!


Comments on: "Octopus & Bible Verse Tote" (11)

  1. How fun Nicole! It turned out great. I love that you had Mootsie there to help you…haha

  2. Very cute…and fun! Looks wonderful!

  3. awesome finished product nicole! I love it!

  4. It looks wonderful. You did such a good job ~ the verse is a nice gentle reminder as well! I can see how you wanted to go somewhere with your new purse!

  5. Wow– I’m very impressed my crafy friend!

  6. […] posting the blog about the tote that I made, I received an email from a friend asking me to make a smaller version for her little […]

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