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Winter Workout Blahs?

Working out is hard. If you’re like me, it gets even harder when the weather turns cold. My motivation level drops, my bed gets more comfortable, and The Scale becomes my mortal enemy.

This winter, however, I decided to fight back against my nemesis, The Scale. I started searching online for workout videos that would help keep me motivated. I ran across ExerciseTV (pardon the pun). They have free videos that range from a few minutes of training you on a new move, to full-length work outs. They give you many categories to choose from, as well as different instructors. So far I have found them motivating, and with so many options I haven’t gotten bored with it yet. And they are FREE!

On the down-side, you have to give the videos time to load before you begin your workout. Many of the videos online are part of a larger series, which are not all available online because of course, they want you to purchase the set.

But so far I have not found these minor drawbacks to be an inconvenience at all. I just make sure that I plan ahead and schedule in the time it takes the videos to load. Plus the fact that they are FREE has me so excited that I keep coming back to them. If you’re looking for something to shake up your winter workout routine, I highly recommend that you check these videos out.

It has helped me to make peace with The Scale. We’re not best friends yet, but I no longer have the urge to throw it out the window. Well… most days anyway.

Find these great videos here: ExerciseTV. Let me know what you think of them? Which ones have you tried? Did I mention that they’re FREE??


Comments on: "Winter Workout Blahs?" (2)

  1. Ha… I love the picture of the scale… YIKES!!!

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