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Jill, my roommate from my trip to Israel, just shared a video from youtube with me. This video shows a new archeological discovery in Israel. Because of a sewage leak, the real Pool of Siloam was unearthed. Previously, experts thought the Pool was at the end of Hezekiah’s Tunnel, however they admittedly said that the strata wasn’t quite right and they knew there could be another Pool of Siloam nearby. Only months before we arrived in Israel, they discovered the real one and we got to visit it. This was a special treat because it wasn’t open to large groups yet, but we were in our smaller group of six for the afternoon with our own private guide… and he got us in. I wrote about that day here.

Now they are releasing information about what they have discovered in the area, which includes a 2,000-year-old sewage system. This is a huge discovery because it proves that the Jews did in fact live in the city of Jerusalem previously. This may sound a bit strange to many of us – why would we be questioning this? But the Muslim population in Jerusalem has been trying to prove that the Jews did not live in the city previously, which would give them rights to take over the Holy City.

In the video you will see steps and a mural, which makes me sure that this is in fact where we visited. This mural is found in an area of steps which is just yards behind where the person taking my picture (top) is standing. We only went into the tunnel about as far as the mural, because it was not open the public any further than that. We also visited the plaza next to the Temple Mount that is shown in the video.

And it did, in fact smell slightly like sewage when we were there. But not because it was an ancient sewer, but because of the recent sewage leak. God certainly has an interesting way of uncovering things for us!

Enjoy the video!


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  1. I really enjoyed this post and found the topic interesting! Given my day so far…I laughed when I saw you all overjoyed over an ancient sewage line! Just what I needed to make my day brighter. :0)

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