Musings from a promise-collector

My alarm went off at 7:00am this morning. I checked Facebook, and sure enough, there was an email saying our Habitat for Humanity project was delayed until 10:00. I assumed this would happen because it snowed a little last night, maybe an inch or two. I decided to take full advantage of the delay, and went straight back to sleep in my warm bed.

I heard my alarm once more at 9:00am. I rechecked Facebook and as there were no new updates, I got up and got ready to go paint. You may think I’m strange, but I really do enjoy painting. Heading outside, I noted that it didn’t feel terribly cold; it felt like the snow would melt by mid-day. I quickly brushed off the inconsequential accumulation of snow on my car and drove off towards I-40. The roads were completely clear, just a little wet. The snow that had fallen was confined to the yards and foliage. I chuckled to myself as I thought about what it takes in northern Illinois for anything to get delayed or canceled. However, I figured, the roads could have been snow-covered until just recently, when it could have started melting off the roads. And I wouldn’t want any of my friends out on the roads if they were icy.

Most of my 25-minute drive was on the interstate, where I saw only one car in the ditch. I pulled my directions out, so I wouldn’t get lost, and started looking for my turn off. I found Western Avenue… and I found the snow. Immediately I found myself on a very vacant road, normally a 4- to 6-lane highway, amongst the few other souls brave enough to be out this morning. Being from the north, I knew exactly what to do. I slowed way down and didn’t make any sudden movements. I began counting lights, my next turn was coming up. At the third stop-light, I moved into the left turn lane, or where I believed it to be, and very lightly pressed my brakes to begin slowing down from my already snail’s-pace of 15 mph. Well… I didn’t stop. I slid. And slid. And slid some more. Into a thankfully vacant intersection. If there hadn’t been 2 cars going through the intersection in the opposite direction, I wouldn’t have tried to stop. But by the time I stopped sliding, I was almost through the intersection. In fact, I was almost up to the other turn-lane’s line.

I waited until it was my turn, almost having to make a U-turn onto the side road, and found myself on another equally snow-covered street. I was beginning to see why the event had been delayed. Having some trouble finding the next street I was supposed to turn on, I called my friend Deanna. When I asked her where McPherson Street was, I heard “Oh, you didn’t hear…? The event was canceled.” A cancellation email was apparently sent out about the time that I left the house, and since I probably had one of the longer drives, I missed it. And I could totally understand why they canceled, being on this snow-covered street. So I began to look for a place where I could turn around where I wouldn’t find myself sliding into a ditch or kissing a pole with my bumper.

Safely navigating my way out of this treacherous snowy neighborhood, I found security on the clear interstate. I was fond of the feeling of my tires hugging the pavement. I decided to go run a few errands since I was already out. Much to my surprise, Target had just stocked my favorite – Throwback Mountain Dew! And it was on sale! I felt like my icy adventure had been redeemed.


Comments on: "Sliding Down Western Avenue" (5)

  1. Yay for Mt. Dew saving the day! oh, and i’m glad you eventually stopped your car! lol.

  2. Those sweet little extra’s that make up for the failed/interuppted plan 🙂

  3. and I need a dictionary :0

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