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When a Bat and Ceiling Fan Collide

Anyone who has lived near a body of water, especially one as large as the Mississippi, knows that  the summer can bring swarms of mosquitos. And if you live in an area with bluff along a river, you will end up with caves. And where you have mosquitos and caves, you get bats. Lots and lots of bats.  Bat SwarmUsually this isn’t a problem. In fact, when the mosquitos are particularly nasty, the bats are a welcomed sight. We never had bat problems at growing up at our house, so I really was indifferent to them.

That is until the spring of 2009, during which I was living back at home with my mom for a while. (Thankfully we did not live in one of the houses in town that have been found infested with hundreds of bats in the walls.) (more…)

Winter Workout Blahs?

Working out is hard. If you’re like me, it gets even harder when the weather turns cold. My motivation level drops, my bed gets more comfortable, and The Scale becomes my mortal enemy.

This winter, however, I decided to fight back against my nemesis, The Scale. I started searching online for workout videos that would help keep me motivated. I ran across ExerciseTV (pardon the pun). They have free videos that range from a few minutes of training you on a new move, to full-length work outs. They give you many categories to choose from, as well as different instructors. So far I have found them motivating, and with so many options I haven’t gotten bored with it yet. And they are FREE! (more…)

News from Israel – Ancient Sewage Line

Jill, my roommate from my trip to Israel, just shared a video from youtube with me. This video shows a new archeological discovery in Israel. Because of a sewage leak, the real Pool of Siloam was unearthed. Previously, experts thought the Pool was at the end of Hezekiah’s Tunnel, however they admittedly said that the strata wasn’t quite right and they knew there could be another Pool of Siloam nearby. Only months before we arrived in Israel, they discovered the real one and we got to visit it. This was a special treat because it wasn’t open to large groups yet, but we were in our smaller group of six for the afternoon with our own private guide… and he got us in. I wrote about that day here. (more…)

A Saint Bernard and… a Pig?!

Let me set up this story for you. I was living in the vast wasteland plains of northwest Iowa, where it was fields for corn as far as the eye could see. There was not a curvy road to be found… anywhere. You only turned the steering wheel when you turned a corner onto another pin-straight road. From where I lived in the tiny town of Boyden (which had only a gas station as the only revenue-making establishment in town), I had a 30-minute drive to my place of employment. Thirty minutes of nothing but fields. Empty fields except for those short 3 months where you saw the corn grow like it was on steroids. It’d be 2 inches tall one day, and 2 feet the next. It was freakishly fast growing corn.

And I worked at a homeschooling company called Alpha Omega. To make the ridiculously boring drive a little less painful, many employees carpooled. We had a carpool of 3 or 4 at the time. The little country road took us past many fields and a few farms. Occasionally we’d see some animals, but most animals are kept in confinements there. We had some interesting encounters with a resident Saint Bernard along our route.


On the Precipice of Another Decade…

Exactly two weeks from today, I will be entering another decade of life… the 30s. Honestly, it seems  a bit crazy to me – how did I get this old? I certainly don’t feel it. I mean, aren’t I supposed to feel like an adult this point? I don’t feel like an adult most days, and I know I definitely don’t act like an adult! So how did I get this far?

Looking back my life has been quite a journey up to this point. Here are just a few of the milestones:

  • Feeling the need to see the world I left small-town life, graduating high school in 1999, and headed of to Chicagoland for college. I spent four amazing years absorbing all I could at Trinity, and made some wonderful friends.
  • Spent three fun-filled summers working at Camp Manitoqua.
  • With the college choir, I traveled throughout the Midwest, New York, Canada, California, and Arizona.
  • Participated in a college interim course where we traveled to Turkey and Greece to see the seven cities from Revelation and the island of Patmos.
  • Moved to Sterling, IL to work in youth ministry for just over a year. There, I met my good friend Anne. (more…)

Power Balls

I love these peanut butter treats. They are packed with all sorts of good things such as protein, and they are delicious! And what’s great is that they mix together quickly and are no-bake. I sometimes eat one or two in the morning for breakfast and it easily tides me over until lunch. (more…)

Northern Verbiage

Since writing about the Southern Verbiage (see here and here) that I have learned since moving from Illinois to Tennessee, I thought it only fitting that I write about some of the words and phrases that are common to the North.

pop/soda (n.) – any soft drink, different areas of the North use one term or the other exclusively, either side convinced that their word of choice is the correct word

bubbler (n.) – nickname for a drinking fountain; term used to describe how the water bubbles up out of the fountain; term used only in a small pocket of Wisconsin

Want to go with? (example phrase) – common phrase used that ends with a proposition (more…)

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