Musings from a promise-collector

I don’t know what it is about packing that makes me think of every other possible thing to do… including blogging. After all the traveling I’ve done, you’d think that packing would be easy for me and I’d be done in 10 minutes. But somehow that is not the case. I find a million other things to do, just to get out of packing: refolding my sweaters, picking up my room, putzing around on Facebook, flossing my teeth, reorganizing my books, laundry, lining up my shoes, flossing the cat’s teeth. Ok, so maybe not the last one, but I seem to go to extreme odds to avoid packing – I even blog about how much I don’t want to do it.

I am leaving in the morning on a 12-ish hour drive to go home for Christmas, which I am very excited about. And packing for home is a lot less stressful that packing to go to somewhere like Israel (and I have picture evidence that everything fit into one suitcase!). Packing for home is so much easier, because I still have things at home, or I can borrow from Mom. Or running across the river to Walgreen’s is just so easy. So why am I still procrastinating?? I do have a few theories on this phenomena (which in and of itself is yet another way to avoid packing).

Maybe it’s because I am naturally a heavy packer, and I try to pack light – it’s just very difficult for me to do. I pack for all the “what if”s that could feasibly come up on a trip. And I was mocked by my high school youth group for my heavy packing tendencies. However, something would always come up where I would have the one thing we needed, and then my heavy packing wasn’t such a bad thing.

Maybe it’s because I fear I will forget something, so I am trying to delay the inevitable. Every family vacation we took, I forgot something important. When we went to Florida, I forgot my socks and thus had my first-ever Wal-Mart experience. And I hate that feeling about 2 hours down the road when I have that realization of what I just left behind.

Maybe it’s because I’ve moved so much in the past decade, and I’m getting that itch to find a permanent place of my own. Instead of feeling like living out of a suitcase, such as the past years, I’m ready to just ‘be’ somewhere. Maybe I’m tired of moving my things around. However, I hope that I never stop exploring the world – I love to travel. So that really doesn’t solve my problem either.

I love to travel, but I hate to pack. It really isn’t a very cohesive combination. Well, I suppose I can continue to muse my loathing for packing while actually engaging in the act. If I don’t get moving now, it’s going to be hard to get out of here in the morning on time. So I’m off to perform this yucky task. No more procrastinating for me. Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to pack I go! No more avoiding the inevitable. Maybe I can sing a few verses of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” to keep me motivated to pack. Or maybe I will try to floss the cat’s teeth after all…. Here kitty, kitty!


Comments on: "I’ll be home for Christmas… if only I could get packing!" (2)

  1. You are funny! I hope you make it home…GO pack!!! lol

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