Musings from a promise-collector

Wedding Hangover

On Friday night, I witnessed the beautiful marriage of my friend Dani to the love of her life, Joey. I had the honor and privilege of helping them set up, decorate, and just serving them where needed.

I spent the entire week – Monday through Friday – running around helping the family get things ready. My pedometer on my phone told me that I walked anywhere from 5-8 miles each day. But when it came time for the ceremony on Friday night, the room looked gorgeous. The room was set up with round tables, covered in white table cloths with blue overlays. Then there were dishes, favors, candles and white roses on each table. We had decorated the room with white Christmas lights everywhere. The aisle was lined with white columns, flower garland, tulle, and candles. Both the ceremony and the reception took place in the same room. As people arrived, they were seated at the tables where they both watched the ceremony and enjoyed the reception. The whole evening was filled with touches that reflected their personalities. And Dani was simply stunning in her beautiful white dress.

When the magical evening was over, I was prepared for a long night of tearing down, resetting the sanctuary chairs (620+ or so…), and packing things up. But we thankfully had so much help that we were actually out of the church and home by midnight! We have all spent the rest of the weekend resting and recovering from a “wedding hangover.” Saturday was spent entirely in pajamas. I think it’s going to take me a few days to catch up on the sleep though. And I’m trying not to be too jealous about the couple getting to spend a week on the beach in Mexico!

Dani and Joey, I wish all the best for you. Witnessing your covenant before God and man was simply beautiful. You are a wonderful couple that are a blessing to everyone around you. May God give you all the desires of your hearts, bless the work of your hands, give you a purposeful ministry, and fill your hearts with an overflowing joy. I love you two!


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