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First Snow Cancellation

It isn’t anything terribly exciting and monumental, but tonight was my first snow cancellation here in Tennessee. I was at a singles group’s Tacky Sweater Christmas Party, and it was lightly snowing outside. We were just getting things going with some games, when one of the leaders makes the announcement that we have to pack up quickly because the roads were getting bad. I glanced out the window and saw maybe a half-inch to an inch of snow on the ground. It had been snowing all day, but not really sticking until after sunset, so I couldn’t imagine it was too terrible out there.

But we all began cleaning up, lamenting that our party was too short – we didn’t even get to do the white elephant gift exchange. Instead, we all just grabbed a gift that looked good on our way out. I cleaned off my car with my brush, helping a couple others who didn’t have them or just didn’t want to bother with clearing the snow. One the way out of the parking lot, I did a little test to see if I’d slide – which I did only a tiny bit. So I knew to take it easy on the way home. Honestly though, the roads weren’t what worried me – it was the other drivers! Eek! Sure it can be a little scary driving in snow, but don’t make any sudden moves, nor any sudden stops or starts and you’ll generally be ok on the roads.

Once I had gotten less than a mile from the house, it was all backroads that had barely been traveled. That part was definitely a bit more slippery. As I was coming up to a stop sign, I lightly pressed my brakes to find that there was not going to be any stopping in that intersection, no matter how hard I tried to brake. I checked to make sure no one was in the way and didn’t attempt a full stop at the risk of going in the ditch. A quarter of a mile further, there was a car in the ditch, and the evidence of his sliding around was still in the track marks in the snow… poor guy.

I can kind of see why it is such a big deal when it snows here even just a little. I was told that there aren’t many snow plows, and they weren’t kidding. I only saw one salt truck my whole way home, and none of the roads I was on had been plowed; there were only other tire tracks to follow.

But I made it home without incident. I am just sad we had to cut our party so short – our table was rocking it out in the games! We could have been contenders… we could have dominated! For now I am just enjoying the crackling fire in the fire place and thankful I don’t have to drive any further.


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  1. Glad you didn’t slide into a ditch!!!

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