Musings from a promise-collector

I think that most girls at some point in their lives dream about someday being rescued from ensuing calamity by a knight in shining armor, riding upon a beautiful white steed. I have just encountered what I would classify as a knight – actually, two of them. They were beacons of hope in a dismal place; feeling locked in a tall prison tower. The tower has been guarded by a ruthless dragon for three weeks now.

The first brave knight arrived Tuesday morning, carried by his white and black steed. He valiantly tried to slay the dragon that had reared its head, creating calamity and chaos in the world around me. Unfortunately, his skills were no match for the beast. He retreated with the promise to send a more skilled knight the next day. So, I awaited the coming of the next knight from my high prison tower, guarded still by the terrible beast.

The second brave knight, Sir Joshua, arrived this morning also carried by a black and white steed to try his hand at defeating the ferocious dragon. After many hours of combat, Sir Joshua was finally successful in slaying the mighty beast. But he not only brought the dragon to its knees, he also restored a lost treasure to the land. The people rejoiced! Henceforth, Sir Joshua was known as Super Sir Joshua.

Unfortunately, the company of people who had to proclaim the dragon dead and write the certificate of honor were late – apparently they had a faulty map. However, they eventually showed up, completely their task, and declared the dragon slayed. The people danced and sang in the streets!

Obviously, this story isn’t about a real dragon. It is a story about the three-week battle we have had at the office with the lack of internet. Finally reaching a place of frustration, the Geek Squad (with their snazzy black and white VW Beetles) was called in. The first Geek was good, but our issue was beyond his training. The second Geek we started referring to as Super Geek because of his magnificent prowress with computer skills. He even noticed something that will now end up saving us a lot of money with the internet provider each month! He is totally a hero in our books!

The internet provider was supposed to finish up things on their end, and we were to have internet by mid-day today. Somehow the process only ended up half-done and uncompleted – we were told this when we called in at 4pm this afternoon. They immediately finished the process for us and we are all back online now!

Dave and I really did shout for joy in the hallway when we saw the little green light come on telling us that our internet was now in working order.

And the people rejoiced…. 🙂

Comments on: "Modern-Day Knights In Shining Armor" (1)

  1. Yay! for super geeks! (and for the internet working again).

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