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Southern Verbiage

Having recently moved to the South (from IL to TN), I have definitely noticed some differences between southern vocabulary and northern vocabulary. Here are a few of the words and phrases that I have heard that are definitely southern.

buggy (n.) – shopping cart

Knoxvull (n.) – Knoxville; note: any city name ending in -ville is pronounced as -vull

Krystal (n.) – an alternative to White Castle with equally greasy and questionable food

fixin’ to (v.) – getting ready to, preparing for, about to; example: “He is fixin’ to go to the store.”

y’all (or ya’ll) (pl. n.) – form of you all, denotes two or more people

all y’all (pl. n.) – used with indicating individuals in a group

hon (n.) – used in place of Miss or ma’am, any female; example: “Well sure, hon, we can do that for ya!”

I’m just saying… (phrase) – usually used after a statement to somewhat soften the abruptness, similar in meaning to “Well, that’s just my opinion…”

Bless her heart… (phrase) – generally not used as a compliment; example: “She’s gained 20 pounds in the past month! Bless her heart….”

soda (n.) – general term for any soft drink

Coke (n.) – general term for any soft drink

A side note: some areas call it Coke, some call it soda – Knoxville, sorry – Knoxvull residents call it both. So to avoid confusion, I have adapted from using the generic word “pop” to calling it by the specific name – such as Mountain Dew (aka Sweet Nectar of Life).


Comments on: "Southern Verbiage" (14)

  1. You definitely have caught on pretty well. lol

    On the pop front, I will call it soda or pop, or sometimes soda-pop. However, I refuse to call it coke unless it is a Coke. Coke is a brand and a name of a specific pop….Dr.Pepper is NOT Coke. It is an insult to call it such. I will not give in to the southern vocabulary on this account. It just will not happen.

    I also have not succumbed to using “fixin’ to” and very much like my -ville’s.

    You should inform the southerners of some unique northern sayings, should they ever travel to a land where they speak that foreign dialect. šŸ˜€ For example, in Pittsburgh a rubber band is also known as a gum band, or a vacuum is called a sweeper.

  2. This is so funny Nicole! When I moved from AZ I definitely had to learn the southern lingo! I’m glad you took the time to write this..haha

  3. Buggy for a shopping cart is the funny one to me, what is a stroller called?Of course buggy is an old version of the stroller, are you familiar with that?

    • As far as I know, it’s just a stroller – I haven’t heard an alternative word yet. And yep, I remember the old buggy word – from rubber baby buggy bumpers. šŸ™‚

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  8. Nicole, This is so funny! I’d love it if you’d link this on my LINK UP party. You can add it here if you’d like….

  9. […] the studies out there show that when you cut pop (or soda or cola or coke, depending on where you’re from) out of your diet, you are cutting many unneeded calories and therefore usually lose a few pounds […]

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