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One of the things that I am looking forward to having just moved from Illinois to Tennessee is the milder winters. Well, milder according to my perspective. After enduring a few especially cold winters recently (having a few days that went 50 below zero), the thought of the temperatures staying at or above zero sounds downright toasty to me.

So far the fall has been beautiful here. The temperature is slowly cooling off, the humidity has disappeared – it’s the perfect weather for spending time outdoors. Growing up, when we trick or treated we usually had to wear a few layers under our costumes to stay warm. But it was so nice here for Halloween weekend that if I had been a kid, I would have been thrilled about not having to layer up! Oh wait… I did wear a costume to a party, and I didn’t have to wear a coat. It was wonderful to not look like the kid from A Christmas Story who can’t move because of all the layers!

However, I had to laugh recently one morning at church. It was a cooler morning – probably about upper-40s when the first service started – but was supposed to warm up to the 70s for a high. As I was walking from the main church building to the building where my membership class was taking place I noted that it was already starting to feel warmer. I was wearing a 3/4-length light sweater (since usually I am a little chillier than everyone else), and loved the feeling of the warming sun on my arms. The building we met in for class was also used for the 4th and 5th grade Sunday School area, and the kids were just getting out. I noticed that many of them were wearing longer sleeves and close-toed shoes. And then I saw what about made me burst out laughing – a girl in a puffy, powder blue parka (you know the ones that look like they were made for the Michelin Man)! If she was already cold enough to wear a winter coat, I’m wondering how she makes it through a southern winter without turning into a popsicle! She went running out the door after her friends as I walked into the building, shaking my head and laughing to myself. I’m sure she shed the coat shortly after, as the sun continued to warm the air.

I guess it goes to show that temperature really is a matter of perspective. For me, I can’t wait to not have the inside of my nose freeze shut the moment I walk out the door. Or worry about going out in the bitter cold and getting frost-bite in 5 minutes if I’m not properly covered.

Bring it on Tennessee winter!

Comments on: "Anticipating a Southern Winter" (2)

  1. Anything is better than winter in northwest iowa!!! Even here is northern illinois :0)

  2. I used to feel like that little kid when I would play in the snow!

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