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Becoming a Red Octopus

I don’t generally get into celebrating Halloween. But this year I was invited to a bonfire party with the single’s group that I just started getting involved with. And since dressing up was part of the contests for the evening, I decided that I better not be a party-pooper.

Now that I had decided I was going to follow through with this plan, I had to come up with a really great costume idea. I started perusing all of the websites, looking for a costume that I could reproduce. After a few hours of getting frustrated by the uncreative, cheap-looking, or just down-right prostitute-ish costumes, I gave up and started thinking about what I had with me here in Tennessee that I could use. Unfortunately many of the things I would usually use for a costume were back in IL.

I had the idea to dress up as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – all I’d need was a black dress, pearls, and the cigarette holder… but my black dress was in IL as well. And since our party was to be outside, I didn’t think that that would be conducive to games or being around a bonfire. Definitely did not want my little black dress smelling of smoke! Yuck!

So I went back to searching a bit more online, and came across an octopus costume for a baby. It was SO cute. And rather appropriate for me since an octopus is something God has given me as a symbol of a promise He has for me. I had my idea!

Last Saturday I took a trip to Target and bought a double sized red sheet. I drew out my sketch, took some measurements, and drew out my pattern on tissue paper. I found my polyfiber fill to stuff the legs with, as well as some white interfacing and buttons to use for eyes.

I spent all Sunday afternoon sewing (knowing I wouldn’t have time between then and the party on Saturday to work on it at all) and cloistered myself in my room until I was done. What’s great is that it wears like a cape with a hood – so there is nothing getting in the way of enjoying candy, hotdogs, or s’mores. I made sleeves for my arms so that my arms became part of the 8 legs. And I wore all blue underneath so it looked like the octopus was in the water. I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself.

And the really fantastic part is, I got to wear it three times! Friday night when I went to the church Trunk or Treat with the Park ladies – we used baby Elias as our excuse to get candy. Then I wore it Saturday night to the party it was intended for, where I won the prize for the Most Labor-Intensive Costume. And I wore it Sunday night when were were all just goofing around at the house. Three uses in one weekend – it definitely was worth the effort!

So what do you think of it?

(Guy Fieri will try to eat anything!)


Comments on: "Becoming a Red Octopus" (3)

  1. i think its amazing! i think YOU are amazing! and i think you should use it again next year 😉

  2. funny! I love this costume!

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