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Fraggles and Freedom

The sun wasn’t even up yet. But I was wide awake with anticipation. I jumped out of bed and snuck downstairs, my feet quietly padding down the cool, wooden steps – avoiding the squeaky ones, of course. No, it wasn’t Christmas morning – and yes, I was at one point, a morning person (hard to believe, I know!).

My 7-year-old feet navigated me through the dark house. I sat down on the floor a few feet from the TV and clicked the power button while holding the volume button down, so not to wake my parents. I found myself bathed in the warm light of the flickering images. I would quietly watch my favorite shows waiting for my dad to get up and bring me a bowl of cereal.

For those of us who enjoyed a childhood in the 80’s, we grew up with such classics as The Muppets, The Smurfs, and Fraggle Rock. (Are you singing the theme songs yet?) And I was willing to get up before the sun to watch these shows.

Recently, while babysitting, I came across Fraggle Rock while the girls were napping. Talk about revisiting childhood memories. And I was surprised by the wisdom I heard in the show – more than the typical childhood lessons of life. The little greenish character of Wembly had been through quite an ordeal and was debriefing at the end of the show to Gobo, when Wembly muses: “I guess sometimes slavery feels like freedom.”

That phrase, uttered over 15 years ago, is the at the heart of Infusion Ministries which I now work with: to help believers recognize their identity in Christ and to find freedom from the things that are holding them back.

I find it so amazing that God would take one of my favorite childhood tv shows, and within it plant a gem – a central theme of a life-changing ministry.

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  1. That is so cool Nicole! I love that the Lord was teaching you that stuff even as a kid! Oh and I loved the descriptions at the beginning. I could totally picture you creeping down the stairs : )

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